Injunctions Can Collect Bad Debt from Out of State Debtors

Time Tested Uses of Injunctions to Collect Bad Debt from Out of State Debtors

The use of injunctions to preclude the hiding of foreign assets is one of my many tools that I use to collect outstanding delinquent bad debt from stubborn debtors. In a case removed from a state to a federal court, all orders remain in full force and effect and become the orders of the federal court. These orders are then enforceable anywhere in the United States and, in some cases, in foreign countries.

 The use of injunctions to collect bad debt against out of state debtors is made possible by the exercise of jurisdiction over the person of the debtor, thereby in effect rendering their assets subject to attachment. The inclusion of a forum selection/personal jurisdiction clause in a retainer agreement or credit application would have allowed my client to avoid a protracted jurisdictional fight.  However, due to my relentless, ethical and effective efforts, I convinced the court that it had jurisdiction over the debtor who had never physically appeared in Massachusetts.

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