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Hiring The Right Commercial Debt Collection Attorney Is Like Winning The Lottery

SUPERIOR COURT —- A plumber stiffed its supplier for over $40,000.00. Instead of calling just any third party collector to chase the debt, the supplier called me – an experienced AV Rated commercial debt collection attorney in Massachusetts.

The plumber had signed a credit application obligating it to pay attorney fees in addition to the commercial debt. Although the debtor had no known assets, I immediately filed suit and ultimately obtained a judgment in an amount approximately $54,000.00. After the judgment, I filed supplementary process and over the next three years repeatedly hauled the debtor into court only to hear him continuously claim an inability to pay or that he was filing bankruptcy.

Knowing that judgment is valid for twenty years, the client and I put the collection efforts on hold. Meanwhile, interest on the Massachusetts judgment continued to run at 12% per annum. Ten years later, the debtor won the lottery and $54,000.00 had become $136,000.00.

Within two days after learning of the debtor’s good fortune, I filed an ex parte motion to attach the bank, which the Lottery uses to process its payments. I deduced that someone who won the lottery would deposit the winnings into the Lottery’s bank to speed clearance of the check. I also sought ex parte approval of a Temporary Restraining Order precluding the debtor from using funds received from the Lottery.

After waiting over five hours to be heard by a judge, my persistence paid off. The judge allowed my attachment motion and Temporary Restraining Order. As a result of my relentless and innovative tactics, my client hit pay dirt and collected the full amount of the judgment together with all judgment interest and costs.

Can you say KA-CHING? My clients can.

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