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How Ex Parte Bank Attachments Help Collect Commercial Debt

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC  uses ex parte bank attachments to help collect commercial debt. The success story below is another example of what we can do for you to help you collect your money.

Barnstable Superior Court . . .  A commercial landlord’s tenant leaves town owing over ten thousand dollars. Other attorneys gave up believing no recovery possible.

We dig deeper.

We immediately filed suit and obtained the court’s approval of an ex parte bank attachment of the debtor’s money. Unlike other attorneys who may seek a single ex parte bank attachment, our specialized motions seek and obtain successive services on the bank. This means that at our discretion we can have the sheriff attach a defendant’s bank account multiple times during a thirty day period.

Immediately after the first bank attachment which caught north of $9,000.00, the debtor called. We negotiated a favorable settlement agreement and sent it to the defendant to sign. After three days passed and the defendant failed to sign the settlement agreement, we directed the sheriff to again attach the debtor’s account catching another $2,000.00.

The defendant’s counsel then answered our complaint. We immediately filed a motion for summary judgment and a motion for judgment against the trustee which would instruct the bank to pay us the money. Not surprisingly the defendant’s counsel opposed our motions. After a persuasive argument, we prevailed on both motions leading my client to recover all of the monies frozen by the bank attachments.

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