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How Good Legal Help Can Domesticate Your Foreign Judgment in Massachusetts for Debt Collection

As a creditor trying to domesticate a foreign judgment in Massachusetts, you will need to tread carefully because, your Massachusetts debtor has legal rights in the USA and in Massachusetts particularly and our  courts  protect them. This is why you will need to hire the  Massachusetts foreign judgment collection attorney lawyers at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC. Our attorneys are all set to aggressively pursue enforcement of your foreign decision with a sophisticated legal strategy and tried-and-tested practical steps in the courtroom and out of it.

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Understanding How to Enforce INTERNATIONAL Foreign Judgments in Massachusetts

Commercial debt collection is in itself a complex legal problem. When you add the interlinked complications of enforcing international foreign judgments you may feel hopeless about the prospects of that decision for which you fought day and night in a foreign court. Don’t give up.

Massachusetts Courts’ Attitude toward INTERNATIONAL Foreign Judgment Enforcement

As a whole, the American legal system is designed to strongly protect the rights of the citizens and businesses operating in the country. The courts across the country maintain the democratic process and follow legislation passed by their respective states. When it comes to foreign judgment enforcement, Massachusetts courts allow these cases pursuant to a specific Massachusetts statute.

Approaching Out-of-State Debtors with Assets in Massachusetts

In matters of foreign judgment enforcement for debt collection, the first – and the only practical – step you need to take is find yourself a reliable debt collection lawyer with decades of experience in aggressively pursuing domestication of foreign judgments in Massachusetts. With such a lawyer at your side, you can rest assured the legal requirements for a successful foreign judgment lawsuit will be fulfilled. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC  uses our experiences to devise an effective strategy that asserts your right to get paid from your Massachusetts debtor.

Must I Wait for Domestication before Attempting to Collect on My Foreign Judgment?

Many lawyers will tell you this is exactly what you need to do. They will say your – and their – part was done when you filed the domestication lawsuit in a Massachusetts court. They will tell you all you now have to do is wait for entry of judgment. Once that is done, you can go through yet another set of delays before you might get paid the monies you are owed.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC we have over 35 years of experience in helping clients collect commercial debts in Massachusetts. We don’t believe in using a passive approach to collect bad debts. We aggressively, relentlessly and ethically work to collect your debt as fast as possible to  get you paid.

For domesticating international foreign judgments in Massachusetts and judgments from sister states,  we use the same proactive approach as we so in collecting domestic or Massachusetts debt. Upon filing of the domestication lawsuit, we seek to attach the debtor’s assets as prejudgment security so that when you win, you can get paid.

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