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How to Collect Commercial Debt

Is your business owed money? The faster you move collecting commercial debt, the higher your chances of success.

Many debtors try to hide from their obligations, especially if they owe many businesses, so it’s important to have a quick and effective plan of action. Attorney Alan M. Cohen can head that plan for you, using years of experience and skill in making debtors pay up on their commercial debt.

Some companies try light-handed tactics like bringing collection agencies on board to make phone calls and send letters. This is not aggressive enough to collect on commercial debt and simply wastes time. Many debtors simply ignore these techniques. Others will use the opportunity of time that you are giving to them to try to hide their assets because they realize that you are pursuing them.

Attorney Cohen pursues debtors aggressively and legally, limiting their ability to run away from their obligations. This law office will file suit as soon as possible and attach any known assets, while investigating other assets that may exist. We have a strong knowledge of legal remedies including liens, injunctions, and ex-parte motions that we will apply as needed, based on your specific case.

Whether your claim should be pursued in a District Court or Superior Court, we handle it for you from start to finish. If the debtor refuses to pay up before judgment, we pursue your debtor post-judgment too, whether litigation or collections, and help you with any other legal action that needs to occur.

Attorney Alan M. Cohen and his team are diligent but ethical. We have what it takes to get you the money you are owed, using whatever legal means we can. You can rely on us to help you through the process of collecting on commercial debt, instead of having to muddle through it on your own. It’s well worth it when you finally see that money.

To have a better chance to collect in through commercial debt collection again, we can also help your company draft solid legal contracts before entering into business with anyone. We will help you to protect your financial interests as a company. It’s all part of how we help our clients succeed in the business world.

Ready to find out how you can collect the debt you are owed? Give us a call at (508) 620-6900 or email us at, to learn more about our services.

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