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How to Enforce a Foreign Judgment in Massachusetts

Enforcing a non-federal foreign judgment in Massachusetts is harder than in other states. Unfortunately, Massachusetts has not enacted the Uniform Foreign Judgment Act. What this means for you is that:

1. You must file a brand new lawsuit in Massachusetts.

2. In essence, the debtor can raise only two defenses:

(a) The out-of-state court issuing the judgment did not have personal jurisdiction over the debtor, or

(b) The debtor was not properly served with the summons and complaint and thus did not have notice of the underlying suit.

Assuming that neither issue applies, there are two ways a Massachusetts attorney could seek to enforce the foreign judgment,

Their way — Wait until the entry of judgment then passively try to collect,


The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC’s way – – Immediately file suit on the judgment and attempt to attach assets so that you can get paid.

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