Reach and Apply Injunctions

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Injunctions are useful when a third party owes your debtor money. These are called reach and apply actions. In essence, the injunction requires the third party to pay you directly, thereby cutting the debtor out of the loop. You need the Law Offices of Alan  M.Cohen LLC to navigate the waters to obtain a reach and apply injunction.

In the Newswire story, we successfully used a reach and apply injunction to prevent third parties from directly paying Dr. Deadbeat:

Success Story: A marketing customer’s customer suddenly decided that it does not want to pay any more leaving a substantial debt. With no acceptable response to its collection efforts, the marketing company calls Attorney Alan M. Cohen to collect their bad debt.

After researching the debtor’s on line present, it became clear that the defendant used Pay Pal and another service to collect its money. Attorney Cohen filed suit and sought and obtained a reach and apply injunction precluding Pay Pal from paying any monies to Mr. Deadbeat. When Mr. Deadbeat realized that his income stream had run dry, he found a new willingness to attempt to resolve the debt.

After a few weeks of negotiation, Mr. Deadbeat offered to pay an amount acceptable to our client the marketing company all due to Attorney Cohen’s use of the reach and apply injunction which few attorneys actually use.

Shouldn’t you use an attorney that other attorneys rely upon to collect their delinquent debts?

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