Credit Applications


How to Write a Credit Application with Teeth

Use Your First Line of Defense Wisely

What should a good credit application do for you? In addition to providing you a basis for determining whether your prospective customer is credit worthy, it also sets forth your terms and what will happen if your customer fails to pay you.

A good credit application should be written with teeth. You need to sink your teeth into customers before they take a bite out of the finances of the company. A credit application should include information about their bank account, their identification, tax identification number and a list of personnel who can back them up.

Although a good application does not need to include all the information detailed above, it is important to carefully decide what information should be collected from which customer. Attorney Cohen helps clients use the credit application to help control their money. The credit application is the first (and maybe the last chance) before making the sale to control the terms and conditions of the commercial relationship.

Before selling goods to a customer or providing them with services, a company should take all steps possible to make sure that they will get paid. A signed credit application is essential. With over 30 years of experience, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC assists businesses by reviewing and drafting credit applications. Attorney Cohen enhances the likelihood of collecting money from your customers before they become your deadbeats.

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Do Homework Before Giving Credit

Which of these or other criteria that your company requires depends on both credit and sales risk assessment. Use your credit application to help control your money. It is the first and may be the last chance before making the sale to control the terms and conditions of the commercial relationship.

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