Contract with Sub Contractor

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If you are a Sub-sub-Contractor with a written contract with the Sub-Contractor, then you must:

Within 30 days after you start work, mail a “Notice of Identification” to the General Contractor by certified mail return receipt requested. We recommend that you also mail a copy to the Owner and the Sub Contractor.

Timely record your Notice of Contract at the appropriate Registry after the signing of the written contract, before or after the completion date stated in your written contract, regardless whether you finished the work in the written contract.

Upon recording the Notice of Contract, you must mail a copy of the Notice of Contract to the Owner, by certified mail, return receipt requested. You should also give notice to the Sub and General Contractor.

Timely record your Statement of Account at the appropriate Registry of Deeds and send a copy by certified mail return receipt requested to the Owner, G. C. and sub contractor.

Within the time set forth in the statute you must sue in the appropriate court.

Within 30 days after you sued, you must record an attested to copy of the Complaint at the Registry.

Although complicated, when properly used, Massachusetts mechanic’s liens can help you get paid for your product, service, or equipment.

This law creates several other pitfalls. To learn more about how the Massachusetts mechanic’s lien law can help you collect your commercial debts, Call 508 620-6900, email

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