When Your Customer Goes Bad

"Relentless Collection Attorneys"

Aggressive, Relentless, Ethical and Effective Commercial Debt Collection Tactics

Massachusetts commercial debt collection agencies simply send numerous threatening letters and make harassing phone calls to customers who have failed to pay their debts. But only an aggressive, relentless, effective and ethical dedicated commercial debt collection lawyer like the Law Offices Of Alan M. Cohen LLC will aggressively bring suit to help you obtain payment.

After your customer has gone bad, there’s still plenty we can do to help:

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we have over 35 years of experience protecting our clients’ financial interests at every stage of the Massachusetts commercial debt collection process. From drafting strong contracts at the outset to pursuing post-judgment payments and everything in between, we do everything legally possible for you to collect your money. Contact our law office today to meet with a highly skilled trained business and commercial debt collection lawyer.

Seeking to Prevent Financial Problems Down the Road

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Early commercial debt collection actions such as credit applications go a long way toward helping you avoid doing business with deadbeats. At the beginning of any commercial relationship, you should outline the terms of that relationship. We can prepare a contract to help protect your financial interests.

Relentlessly Seeking the Money Owed to You

When someone owes you money in Massachusetts, chances are you have already tried sending letters and making phone calls to demand payment. More of the same probably is usually ineffective. In fact, announcing to the debtor that your attorney will be coming after him or her encourages the debtor to hide its assets.

Boston-trained Debt Collection Lawyer Alan M. Cohen has over 35 years of experience offering a straightforward, aggressive approach to collect your money through pursuing the following measures:

We will not stop until we have collected your money or no one else can. We know how to get you to the front of the payment line.

Pursuing Debtors Who Refuse to Pay

Even after losing a lawsuit, some debtors still refuse to pay. When this happens, we use every commercial debt collection technique available to collect your money.

When you need assistance enforcing your judgment or enforcing a foreign judgment, we develop a creative strategy to force the debtor to pay. We do not stop pursuing your payment until the debt is discharged in bankruptcy or we finally determine that the debt is completely uncollectible and nobody could collect it.

Contact a Massachusetts Commercial Debt Collection Lawyer

For more than three decades, we have pursued outstanding debts for businesses throughout Massachusetts and the United States. Contact our law firm online or call 508- 620-6900 or email acohen@collections-law.com to discuss how we can help with any stage of the debt collection process.

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