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Judgement Creditor – What’s Next?

As a judgement creditor, you are entitled to enforce a judgement against a party owing you money (known as the judgment debtor). Being a judgement creditor is a good thing, as it means you have won your judgement and the court agrees that you are owed money. But simply being named a judgment creditor does not mean that you will automatically have your debt repaid.

A Judgment is Only the First Step

The judgment is needed to enforce collection, of course, but it is only the first step. It does not do much on its own. A judgment on paper simply gives you license to start collections. Different attorneys will give you varied advice on how to collect.

Our suggestion, as a highly experienced and successful collections law firm, is simple — take aggressive steps, immediately, pushing hard for collection with the assistance of an attorney with the relevant skills.

Tactics to Collect on Debt that Go Beyond Persuasion

You may have tried traditional collections methods, before or after you won your judgment. Odds are, they did not work or you would not be reading this!!.

Demand letters and other persuasion tactics often do not do anything to persuade a debtor to pay up. They can, however,  trigger the judgment debtor to start hiding assets or to disappear, now that they know you’re after them.

Attorney Alan M. Cohen knows that you cannot rely on persuasion. Our law office uses real, effective tactics that pursue your debtor, and his or her assets, aggressively yet ethically.

Attorney Cohen will use legal avenues like post-judgement discovery to find and follow the money trail, ensuring that you and your legal team know exactly what assets are there to liquidate for repayment. He seeks out assets and attaches them so that they can be seized to pay back the money you are owed.

Our legal firm knows how and where to look for assets, from searching social media to checking the registry of deeds, subpoenaing lenders, and sourcing bank documents.

As an experienced and skilled collections attorney, Alan M. Cohen files motions, negotiates, commences suit on judgments, and otherwise relentlessly pursues your debtor until he or she pays what you are owed.

As a judgment creditor, you deserve repayment. We can help. Call us today at 508-620-6900 or send an email to

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