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Judgement Enforcement – When it’s Time to Pull Out the Legal Guns

When your personal attempts to collection your accounts’ receivables do not fall on fertile ground, it’s time to call in an experienced commercial debt litigator. What you need is an experienced and professional attorney who specializes in business to business debt collection. It’s obvious that simply obtaining a piece of paper called a Judgement after going through a lawsuit is not enough. Want to know why? Because under our current common law legal system, the judgment debtor is under no legal obligation to pay up the money they owe in the Judgement. In fact, the judgment debtor will be fully within their rights to simply lay low and avoid any contact with the person they owe money.

Under law, the responsibility of enforcing the Judgement rests squarely on the winner of the lawsuit. Needless to say, obtaining the money judgment from the debtor is even more difficult than filing the lawsuit, even after it’s won. Therefore, you need the experienced business to business debt collections attorneys at Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC by your side.

Get Your Judgement Enforced!

The good news is, you can use the services of experienced debt collection attorneys such as, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, whose practice focuses on business to business debt collection, judgment enforcement, post judgment litigation proceedings and other related areas of debt collection. Having someone who is as resourceful and knowledgeable as Alan M. Cohen, by your side, every step of the way while filing the lawsuit and for judgment enforcement can help you get paid.

The Process

Once the court rules in your favor regarding the judgment, what will be required is some solid judgment enforcement research. This is done by first combing all public records and accessing online databases to find important information regarding your Judgement debtor. This will include finding any information regarding their business, financial assets and all other evidence that will provide us with the evidence we need to take the next step forward.

Dealing with Fraudulent Conveyance

Sometimes a Judgement debtor will make a fraudulent transfer also known as “fraudulent conveyance” with the sole purpose to delay, defraud or hinder the transfer to the creditor. Under certain circumstances the courts considers it wrong for debtors to transfer any property just to avoid having to make payments to their creditor, or to try other improper methods to save themselves from having to make the Judgement payment. Experienced business to business debt collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan m. Cohen LLC can help you take the issue to court, which may in turn, invalidate a fraudulent transfer of assets by the debtor. In some cases, where the plaintiff is up against another business, that has been found to have inadequate funds/assets to cover the liabilities, a seasoned debt collection attorney can work to prove that the corporation has been operating inadequately, or is a sham, and request the judge to “Pierce the Corporate Veil.”

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