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Judgment Collection

Did you know that winning a suit against a debtor is usually just the first step in getting your money paid back and that many businesses often don’t see a cent from a court judgment?

A judgment is, when all is said and done, only a piece of paper indicating who has to do what after a trial. The judgment by itself ordinarily does not compel a debtor to pay. A successful creditor needs an experienced, aggressive bad debt collection attorney to enforce a judgment

Following the successful suit, you could seek a hearing in a supplementary process proceeding to have the court determine the debtor’s ability to pay. You could also seek post judgment discovery pursuant to Rule 69 to turn over the rocks under which your debtor may have put their money. Still another tactic is post judgment litigation to attempt to reach and apply assets of the debtor which are due from third parties..

Enforcing judgments is best done by experienced attorneys, like the team at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC.  Post judgment is not the time to politely try to persuade or merely ask the debtor to pay you back. You need aggressive action, which is the specialty of the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC.

Judgment collection takes many forms, but only effective enforcement will result in the funds you’re owed coming to you. We take steps that are designed to work, such as using the friendly neighborhood deputy sheriff to make a visit to the debtor.

Attorney Cohen uses tactics like judgment liens, which make claim against defendants’ assets. In cases like these, the lien must be addressed if the debtor ever wants to sell the property. If they face foreclosure and there are excess proceeds, we will work to try to get our clients paid from the proceeds. Sometimes we have the deputy sheriff seize and sell property using the court issued execution to attempt to generate cash to get you paid. The key is to make these moves as soon as possible before the debtor can try to hide their assets or otherwise evade the legal action.

The process of enforcing judgments and successfully collecting takes skill, good timing, and determination, all of which are qualities Attorney Cohen possesses. Give yourself the best chance at collecting by hiring the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to get you through what is one of the most challenging parts of any creditor-debtor suit. We’ll help you to try finding the debtor, and work to compel payment. For action and not mere words to collect your judgment, call Alan M. Cohen at 508 620 6900 or email

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