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Judgment Enforcement

Having a judgment against a debtor is only worthwhile if that judgment can be enforced. Whether you are making an attempt at collecting debt from defunct company, navigating a foreign judgment, or working through a payment hearing problem, there are countless ways that judgment enforcement can become complex, and daunting. We don’t recommend walking away from the money owed to you, though, even when judgment enforcement gets complicated!

You may feel discouraged because you or your attorney’s tactics haven’t worked, even with a court judgment. Your debtor is ignoring calls and letters, hearing dates, and even the judgment itself. Don’t give up — this is where an experienced, aggressive legal team, which you will find at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, can make all the difference.

Attorney Cohen does everything in his power to relentlessly pursue debtors. Instead of attempting to persuade debtors, Attorney Cohen gets right down to business, taking concrete legal action to have your damages remedied. Far beyond the realm of phone calls and letters, these tactics involve a full investigation and pursuit of your debtor’s assets. It’s time to make legal moves to secure those assets through attachments and/or liens that help ensure you are where you need to be, legally, to collect. These liens and attachments will follow your debtor around. No matter where they go or what they try to do, their property when attached by the court is connected to their debt, with your name on it as a creditor owed funds.

Judgment enforcement is best done by an experienced attorney. It certainly increases your odds of success. Legal motions carry more weight with debtors than polite persuasion. Attorney Cohen is aggressive and ethical. You will be able to rest assured that he is taking action in exactly the right way.

Do not waste any more time hoping and wishing that your debtor will pay up and agree to the judgment’s conditions. If you are owed money,  seek legal help as soon as possible. Moving quickly is often the key to ensuring that debtors don’t successfully hide assets, disappear, and to try to protect yourself if the debtor files bankruptcy before your money is in your hands.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we’ll do everything we can to get you the money you deserve, even where other tactics have failed. Judgment enforcement is one of our focuses, so let us show you what we can do for you!

If you have a judgment that needs enforcing and/or bad commercial debt that needs an aggressive collection lawyer, then call Alan M. Cohen at 508 620 6900 or email today.

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