Keeper Attachments

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Alan Cohen
A Keeper Attachment allows the sheriff to take custody of personal property. It is most effective where the deadbeat is operating a cash business. The sheriff will seize all cash (not checks) as it comes into the debtor’s business. Because of the impact it has on the operation of a business, courts allow Keeper Attachments on an ex parte basis less frequently than they do bank attachments.

It is important to remember that just because you obtained a Keeper Attachment, that does not automatically entitle you to keep the asset you secured. Like any other prejudgment security, it merely evens the playing field. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced debt collections attorneys.

Success Story: A retail company has been buying product from you. Suddenly you become concerned about this account. The customer is now a deadbeat. What are you going to do?

Company Y called our firm. We sued and obtained an ex parte keeper attachment on the deadbeat’s business. As a result of the keeper attachment and our aggressive negotiations, our client received approximately $32,000.00 in less than one week. Within four months, the deadbeat filed bankruptcy. Without our prompt and aggressive response, company y would have seen only table scraps, if it was lucky.

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