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Looking for Business Debt Collection Services? Consider These 3 Things First.

Despite all efforts to collect money from a client – letters, phone calls, and other ineffective attempts – your client or customer is unwilling to pay or even respond for that matter. So what do you do? You make a decision stop wasting valuable resources and hire a debt collection attorney who will work on your behalf to collect what is rightly owed to your company. But before you move forward with just any collection attorney, consider these things first:

1. How aggressive is their approach?
Collecting bad debt is not fun and games, nor should it ever be taken lightly. Upon hiring a debt collection attorney, make sure their approach is aggressive, relentless, and effective. Choose an attorney who doesn’t waste time sending letters or making phone calls (You already went this route). A good debt collection attorney uses a direct approach to commercial debt litigations and will file suit immediately upon being hired. This is the approach that we believe has the highest percentage chance of getting you paid.

2. How long have they been practicing?
Experience is critical, and knowledge is everything. That’s why choosing an experienced debt collection attorney who knows the ins and outs of the process is the most effective way of getting your money back. Our law firm has over 30 years of experience protecting our clients’ financial interests at every stage of the Massachusetts debt collection process and has represented clients in a vast array of industries. This is the kind of attorney you want to hire – one that will use their expertise to apply effective techniques and strategies specific to your case to get you paid!

3. How much will it cost?
While your intent is to have money coming in, you also need to consider what it’s going to cost you. Avoid collection attorneys or agencies that work on a low percentage basis sending letters and minimizing court appearances. Their model motivates them to use minimal effort focusing on picking the lowest hanging fruit. They rely on processing large volume of cases and are often referred to as collection mills. Great for credit card companies but not so great for businesses that want individual attention and want experienced lawyers’ attention to be spent on both their large and small cases (over $5,000.00). At our firm, we are flexible with payment structures offering different options – contingent, hourly, and hybrid fee agreements. With this model, we treat every case the same, whether small (over $5,000.00) or large (over $1,000,000.00) — – aggressively, relentlessly and effectively.

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