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Massachusetts Collections Attorney Does Enforce Foreign Judgments

Massachusetts Collections Attorney Alan M. Cohen does enforce foreign judgments in Massachusetts. If you are a non-Massachusetts foreign corporation, there are certain necessary steps you must take before you are able to file suit to enforce foreign judgments in Massachusetts.

Initially, Massachusetts requires that a foreign corporation register with the Secretary of State Office of Corporations in Boston before it can use Massachusetts courts to sue a debtor in state court to seek to enforce foreign judgments in Massachusetts. The theory is that if you as an out of state corporation wants to use Massachusetts’ courts, you should pay for that privilege. An out of state person who is operating as a d/b/a, does not have to register.

We can register your company to do business in Massachusetts so you can seek to collect your delinquent accounts receivable – your hard earned money– in Massachusetts.

After registration, we immediately seek to enforce foreign judgments in Massachusetts by drafting a complaint on the judgment. After identifying potential assets, we immediately file suit and seek where appropriate ex parte prejudgment security so that when you win, there may be money or assets which you can use to get paid.

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