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Massachusetts Collections Attorney Uses Social Media to Find Assets

Our collections attorney uses creative and innovative use of social media helps identify debtors’ assets allowing us to recover monies owed to our clients. The success story below is another example of the creative and effective methods that Massachusetts Collection Attorney Alan M. Cohen uses to collect commercial debts.

Middlesex Superior Court …. A building materials supplier gets stiffed by a general contractor. Rebuffed by the debtor and the personal guarantor, the supplier calls us.

We promptly file suit and seek and obtain ex parte attachments against the debtors which unfortunately caught no money. After serving the debtors we obtained judgment.

Unlike others who look for only low hanging fruit, we don’t give up.

Using social media to help identify debtors’ assets, we tracked down where the personal guarantor worked and subpoenaed business records from his prior and existing landlords as well as existing employers. Based on that social media information, we identified several previously unknown bank accounts. We promptly attached the debtor’s monies using ex parte bank attachments brought pursuant to Rule 69 of the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure.

As a result of our creative and innovative tactics our client received a significant recovery.

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