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Alan Cohen

Massachusetts Debt Collections Attorney Collects Judgments

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC helps businesses collect judgments. We collect both Massachusetts judgments and foreign judgments.

We do everything possible to collect judgments, whether in state or foreign (out of state).

In every case, we use a limited asset search as a first step to learning about your debtor’s assets. Unlike other Massachusetts Debt Collections Attorneys, we don’t stop with the low hanging fruit. Instead we cut down the proverbial tree and uncover the roots searching for any asset to collect judgments.

We don’t stop with a lexis/nexis search, we do postal address checks, secretary of state searches, social media searches and more.

We look to see what your debtor does for work.

We look to see where your debtor lives or lived.

We look for fraudulent transfers.

We look for alter egos.

We look for successor entities.

We don’t dabble in commercial collections. It is what we do.

With over thirty years of experience representing creditors seeking to get paid, we know how to collect judgments and get you paid. We will leave no rock unturned before we say that an account is uncollectable.

For an aggressive and relentless ethical AV rated business debt collection attorney in Framingham who works to collect judgments in Boston and throughout Massachusetts, call Attorney Alan M. Cohen at 508 620-6900 or email him at

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