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Massachusetts Judgment Enforcement Requires an Experienced Civil Judgment Collection Attorney

Are you a judgment creditor? Have you won the judgment against your debtor? Wondering what to do next to recover your debt? Then we’d say hire our experienced civil judgment collection attorney—Alan M. Cohen. Hiring an experienced collection attorney is crucial for success. Continue reading to find out why Massachusetts judgment enforcement requires an experienced attorney:

  • Court Doesn’t Help You Enforce Judgment

Even if you have won the judgment, it still doesn’t 100 percent mean that you will get your monies back. If you thought that the court will help you enforce it too, then you might want to think again because once the court system makes the determination that the debtor owes you, the judgment creditor, money, its active role in the process of debt collection may end. From there you are on your own and judgment enforcement is required to collect the awarded civil judgment. In fact, the court system cannot even advise the creditor on judgment enforcement  And then in the quest of saving on hiring a costly lawyer, they end up losing their monies because majority of debtors are defiant and they refuse to pay back.  Thus, your judgment goes uncollected.

However, if you have proper legal assistance by your side in the form of an experienced civil judgment collection attorney, enforcing judgments is something you can be confident of. Our experienced lawyer (Alan M. Cohen) has 30 years of experience which Alan leverages on for enforcing judgment and aggressively pursuing debt recovery, both in a timely manner.

  • Determine the Best Legal Pathway for Smooth Debt Recovery

Based on the experience, the collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can determine and suggest the best legal pathway for your debt recovery efforts. Remember that every case is different and therefore, the debt recovery attorney identifies the best debt recovery methods accordingly. A skilled debt collection lawyer will ensure that all property that is liable to be taken on execution and enforcement has been identified as well as secured. 

Assets (vehicles, inventory or real estate), bank accounts, and wages can be secured as payment from the judgment debtor.  After a thorough investigation, your civil judgment collection attorney can determine the best way to enforce the civil judgment by finding and attaching assets of the debtor that can be liquidated. For example, an experienced debt recovery lawyer can use tactics like attachments on assets like bank accounts or real estate. An attachment freezes the debtor’s assets preventing them from transferring, selling, hiding, using or encumbering assets. Other collection techniques include injunctive relief, post judgment actions, reach and apply injunctions and supplementary process action.

  • Never Gives up

Experienced debt recovery Attorney Alan M. Cohen never gives up. Though we make sure that the recovery is fast and smooth, even if it isn’t for some reason, our attorneys will never quit trying. We’ll do whatever it takes to recover your monies. Judgments in Massachusetts are enforceable for 20 years and can be renewed for another five years if not satisfied. 

Give us the opportunity to serve you. Spend your time making money. Leave debt collections to us!

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