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Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien Statute Is A Collection Tactic For The Construction Industry

Whichever niche within the construction industry you cater to – everything from being a worker to a subcontractor or as a supplier – on a property improvement or home remodeling project on a credit basis, you are within your rights to utilize the Mechanic’s lien for your debt recovery.

This means you can place a lien against a property owner in order to recover the value of the improvements that you have made to the project property. Essentially, when you file a mechanic’s lien, the sale or refinancing of the property will be effectively put on halt until the debt disputes have been sorted out or a bond has been posted.

In simpler words, the Mechanic’s lien helps make sure that you’re going to get paid for your services on a construction or remodeling job.

The statute is quite complex. It can be used to address unpaid material costs and unpaid labor but there’s more to it which requires legal expertise. Luckily, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC are very experienced with preparing, perfecting and enforcing Mechanic’s liens.

The Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien Statute Can Be Used Together With Prejudgment Security Tools To Increase Recoveries

If you’re looking to capitalize on the benefits you can gain from the Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien Statute, the first thing you need to do is hire the services of an experienced mechanic’s lien attorney who can navigate through the intricacies of the Massachusetts Mechanic’s lien statute. There are a number of reasons why it is better to hire the services of an experienced Massachusetts Mechanic’s lien attorney rather than rely on cut-rate on-line lien services.

For one, the court can dissolve your Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien entirely if you fail to list the proper record owner of the property in the Statement of Account and the Notice of Contract recorded with the Registry of Deeds. It can also dissolve the lien if it is invalid on its face. It can dissolve the lien if the underlying paperwork is defective. It can dissolve the lien if it is too late, in any of several respects. Without the lien, your chances of recovery may be diminished. Our experienced Massachusetts mechanic’s lien attorney can l help you not only benefit from the rights you have with the Mechanic’s lien but also increase the possibility of recovery you may obtain from the mechanic’s liens statute.

Remedies Available Under the Reach and Apply Statute Can Be Used With A Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien

Reach and Apply injunctions may also be useful when it comes to recoveries in the construction sector where the payments are based on credit. It’s basically helpful when Party A owes money to Party B that owes money to Party C. In a construction or remodeling job dispute related to payments and debt recovery, the Reach and Apply statute can be applied in combination with the Massachusetts Mechanic’s lien so that the debt owed to Party B from Part A can be used to pay you. (you can be either the subcontractor, supplier, sub-subcontractor).

It is this type of Innovative Legal Tactics That We Use to Maximize Our Client’s Recovery

Although it may be within your right to use the Massachusetts Mechanic’s lien, it comes with strict time limits. Luckily for you, if you have a claim which allows the use of the Mechanic’s lien, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can help you try to recover all the money which is owed to you for your hard work and/or materials that you have supplied. Our experienced lawyers will review the case, work out all the details and employ these innovative legal tactics as we deem applicable and appropriate to not only help to ensure the recovery for our clients but maximize it as much as possible.

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