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Mechanics Lien Attorneys Help Ensure Payment in Any Housing Market

Are you a supplier of materials or a service provider in the construction industry in Massachusetts?

Are you working with a general contractor on a construction project?

Is the general contractor or property owner delaying your payments because of the housing market?

Is the general contractor telling you that they will pay for your lumber, plumbing supplies, site work, architectural services or other labor and material once the housing market stabilizes or the house sells?

Well, in such a situation there are two things that you can do. You can wait for the market to stabilize and peak which by the way can take months and sometimes even years. You can wait hopefully as an unsecured creditor hoping that your customer eventually sells the house and that (1) there is enough equity remaining in the house to pay you after paying the more aggressive and hungrier secured creditors; and (2) even if there is enough equity, the property owner doesn’t have any better use for its money than to pay you.

Or you can hire the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to prepare and record a mechanics lien which miraculously changes you from an unsecured creditor to a secured creditor who gets to sit at the table and demand its portion as opposed to left over crumbs. Of course, the longer you wait to record your lien and/or protect your lien rights the less likely that you will be entitled to your fair share of the pie.

You should exercise your right to mechanics lien can speed up the debt recovery process. The decision is yours to make.

If the first option is infeasible for you as you don’t want to wait for years to collect your debt, then hire our experienced Massachusetts mechanics lien attorney, Alan M. Cohen to help you use the right to mechanics lien to your advantage.

Why is it Crucial to Hire a Seasoned Mechanics lien Lawyer for Mechanics Lien?

It is important that you work with a seasoned mechanics lien lawyer because the Massachusetts law related to mechanics lien is quite technical and complex. To secure your rights, it’s vital to have a sound understanding of the complex laws pertaining to mechanics lien which only a seasoned mechanics lien attorney possesses. Besides this, if you make any little mistake when filing for and submitting your claim yourself and don’t follow the strict statutory rules, it can invalidate the mechanics lien and put your receivables at risk. And that is definitely something you don’t want.

According to the mechanics law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, all parties operating on the construction project are required to use legislatively designed lien form or a form substantially in compliance. Failure to use it may create a defective non-conformity with the statutory requirements thereby impairing or nullifying your right to mechanics lien. To avoid such mistakes, you need experienced mechanics lien lawyer Alan M. Cohen who can provide you with quality legal guidance and step by step assistance to ensure that you secure your right to mechanics lien successfully.

How Can an Experienced Mechanics Lien Lawyer Use Mechanics Lien to Protect Your Rights and Get You Paid in any Housing Market?

A housing market basically represents the market for properties that are being purchased and sold either through real estate brokers or directly to purchasers/buyers. Predicting housing market swings and movements is not easy as there are many determinants of demand that can influence the rise and fall of the housing market like demographic factors, income, consumer preferences and availability of credit.

In some situations a general contractor or real estate construction project owner may use the weakening housing market as a means of delaying payments to sub-contractors such as suppliers and service providers like you. This is where the law protects you by providing you the mechanics lien right.

When you have provided the services and supplied material in a timely manner pursuant to documents constituting a written contract to a construction project then why should you have to wait for years to recover your monies back when the Massachusetts mechanics lien exists for you. Tackle such situations and maximize your chances of getting paid by hiring experienced Massachusetts Mechanics lien attorney Alan M. Cohen to prepare, record and enforce your very own Massachusetts mechanics lien.

Mechanics Lien—What is it and How Does it Work?

A mechanics lien is a statutorily-created lien against the construction property. The purpose of this legal debt recovery tool is to secure the person’s right to payments for materials supplied or services rendered to a construction property project even if you do not have a contract directly with the property owner.

The primary function of Mechanics lien is to help suppliers, sub-contractors, sub-subcontractors and general contractors get their due payments for the products and services that they have provided to the construction project. When a construction professional uses a mechanics lien, in certain circumstances it can stop the real estate development and construction work-in-process until the contractor receives their long due payments.

In addition to this, mechanics lien also prevents the property owner from refinancing or selling the real estate. If they want to sell or refinance the property, then they must first pay the outstanding dues or record a bond securing the payment secured by the mechanics lien.

Mechanics lien is also effective as it helps expedite the debt collections by setting a strict deadline for claim resolution. This means that if the deadline is missed and the claim is not successfully paid, this then results in the beginning of litigation. Furthermore, timely filing a mechanics lien at the beginning of your work increases the likelihood that you will get paid. Don’t wait until the last moment legally possible to file your mechanics lien. By then it might be too late.

Who Can Obtain Mechanics Lien?

By law, mechanics lien can be obtained by the following parties:

  • Those who have been involved in removal, repair, erection or alteration of a building, or any type of improvement related to the building.
  • Those who have provided raw materials, appliances or rental equipment to the construction project
  • Those who have rendered services to the construction project.

Other than these parties, the law also grants the right to lien to design professionals working on the construction project. These include professionals like licensed land surveyors, engineers and landscape architect.

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