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Once You Have a Judgment, We don’t Stop; We Use Post Judgment Remedies to Pursue Your Debtor to Get You Paid

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, cases are handled differently yet more effectively than anywhere else. Our motto is to get you paid and not just help you win a case. Winning is easy, the hardest part comes after a successful judgment and that is retrieving the money that is owed to you. In our experience, we have witnessed a plethora of cases where people have made excuse and used a variety of other tactics to avoid or delay making payments when they can do it quite easily. Our aggressive attorneys diligently work to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Our Approach to Collecting Massachusetts Judgments Is Honed From Over three decades of Experience Representing Judgment Creditors Like you

Our team of attorneys has helped hundreds of clients turn around potential bad debt cases. Over the past three decades, we’ve gathered extensive experience in the field of debt collection by ensuring that clients are not left hanging once the judgment has been won for them. We believe that without a plan to get paid, a judgment in your favor means nothing. In order to make sure we see things through to the end, we begin formulating a plan for debt collection as soon as we take on the case. Our attorneys have planned and executed numerous techniques which fall within the remits of law to make sure that judgment creditors walk away with the amounts that they are owed.

We take responsibility of taking a case from start to finish in a professional yet efficient manner. We have helped our clients achieve results that professional collection agencies have failed to because of real time knowledge and a few tricks of the trade. We use a variety of remedial measures to make sure debtors are often left with no choice but to make the respective payments.

Our Collections Lawyers Carefully Investigate Your Deadbeat’s Assets So That We Don’t Waste Time Going down the Wrong Road

Debtors can have a variety of assets depending on their nature of occupation. Personal or commercial real estate properties, out of state assets, cash, salaries, bank accounts and other belongings are just a few examples of valuable possessions. Our attorneys follow parallel paths for winning the case and getting you paid. Both these courses are set into motion from the start. Our first step is to investigate the respective assets that a debtor owes. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we use our skills and experiences in the field to track the whereabouts of your debtors effectively and prepare a list of possessions that they have and more importantly the ones that are substantially enough to repay the obligations they owe you.

Our debt collection plans seek to be fail-safe measures in case debtors refuse to pay or make excuses to delay payments. Being professional debt collection attorneys, we know the law and work to ensure that each and every action we take is within the remits of legality.

Unlike Other Attorneys Who May Know How to Just Win a Judgment; We Also Know How to Collect Judgments and Get You Paid

Courts and most attorneys stop when they’ve won the case for you. However, as a creditor, winning the case alone means nothing to you. The real task is getting paid for all that you’ve been through. Most attorneys don’t take the effort to go the extra mile in ensuring payments. Desperate clients have to hire collection agencies which usually only do what they did which was to  send reminders through mail and calls. Most debtors will easily ignore these leaving judgment creditors like you with a huge burden of payments. Alan M. Cohen and his relentless team work in a completely different yet productive manner.

Our fundamental approach is to look beyond just winning the case for you. We make sure that the ultimate objective is to secure debt collection from the debtors. We work with you in pursuing the people that owe you money through legal attachments and injunctions that limit their control over their own assets giving you the assurance and security that at the end of the day, you walk away with as much of your outstanding debt as possible.

Post Judgment Equitable Injunctions Pursuant to M.G.L.C. 214 Section 1 Allow the Court to Fashion an Equitable Remedy to Help You Collect Your Judgment, whether it is a Massachusetts Judgment or a Foreign Judgment

Massachusetts Legislature M.G.L.C. 214 Section 1 allows equitable injunctions to be placed on debtors. An equitable injunction is a general order that prohibits a person from executing certain tasks. These tasks can vary depending on the case and the requests of the judgment creditors.  Our initial discovery process plays a vital role at this stage. Making the court aware of the assets in possession of the debtor can convince them to issue a custom equitable injunction designed precisely for your case.

This general order can apply to properties or assets within Massachusetts or in other states. The injunction issued in debt collection cases prohibits the owner of these assets from selling, transferring, damaging or performing any other act by which they can temporarily relinquish their claim of the property or maybe devalue it.

We work to Follow the Money Trail by Pealing back the Onion to Enforce Your Judgment

Some judgment debtors make elaborate efforts to hide their real assets through a variety of means. Moreover, most creditors are unaware of the fact that they can demand money trails of the assets in possession of their debtors. This is a legal right that is granted to them by the state. However, it is possible for debtors to show less of what they actually own so our aggressive attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC don’t rely solely on the word of these people. We use other sources and techniques to track the money trail of debtors. This ensures that we have a complete picture to present to the court and request relevant injunctions and attachments to make sure that payments are guaranteed at all costs.

This method of working backwards, and following where the real money and assets are, is important. Our attorneys peel back the onion to try to uncover all that a debtor might be trying to hide. We go to these lengths to try to  get you paid, no matter what it takes.

Our Thorough Investigation Can Reveal Assets That Others Have Missed

Over the three decades that we’ve spent in the field, we have obtained skills and knowledge that others have failed to. This is why our attorneys are able to track and reveal assets that even collection agencies might have missed. We have the ability and experience to pinpoint potential trails that can lead to identification of assets in a debtor’s possession. We utilize resources that are effective and absolutely legal to find every asset that a person might be hiding from you. These investigations also provide grounds for reasonable doubt thus making a strong case in front of the court to issue injunctions or other provisions with respect to getting you paid.

Investigations from our attorneys therefore serve multiple purposes all of which provide security to your efforts in eventually getting paid.

Once We Have Identified the Deadbeat’s Assets, Then We Elect to Either File Rule 69 Motions in the Underlying Judgment or Commence A New Suit to Collect Your Judgment

Once we identify the nature and location of the assets in possession of a judgment debtor, our attorneys initiate the necessary legal proceedings to take a solid step towards getting you paid. Our next step may be to assess the intricacies of your case and then decide with your consultation whether to file Rule 69 attachment motions or start a new suit for the collection of your debts. A Rule 69 Motion in conjunction with the attachment motions allow the judgment creditor to obtain a discovery from their debtor regarding what the own and security in those non-exempt assets.. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, our team works tirelessly to get you paid.

If the case at hand will be more feasible and has higher chances of success through filing a new lawsuit, our attorneys follow this path after your approval. Either way, it is our aggressive attorneys who will pursue the case relentlessly and make every effort possible to make sure that the debtor becomes bound to make the required payments to you.

We Use All Appropriate Pre-Judgment Collection Tools to Collect Post Judgment

Once the discovery process is complete we set about analyzing the options for post judgment remedies. There are various types of these and each will depend on the nature of assets owned by a judgment debtor. From bank attachments to wage garnishments as well as reach and apply injunctions, our attorneys explore an array of options that will apply to your case and the debtor. Then the respective court is moved to issue the orders required making it possible for you to seamlessly obtain your debts. Courts can easily issue injunctions and attachments when the creditor has a reasonable doubt that the debtor will not pay them pack in full.

Of the numerous pre-judgment collection tools, here are a few that you should be aware of:

  • Attachments: These are legal orders that give the creditor powers over the assets for which it is issued. Attachments can cover bank balances, accounts, real estate, and personal properties. The basic idea behind the attachment is that it allows the underlying asset to be sold or taken to settle the debt at hand,
  • Equitable Injunctions: These general orders have been discussed earlier. They can be used to limit the power of a debtor to sell, transfer or damage their local or out of state properties so that they can avoid repaying the debt by claiming that they have no means to do so,
  • Reach and Apply Injunctions: These cover cases where debtors claim that they can’t make the payment because a third party owes them money. Reach and apply injunction put the creditor directly in contact with the third party making the process of receiving payments much more seamless.

Alan M. Cohen and his team use their expertise and resources to pursue every case aggressively. We work to ensure that debt collection occurs at the end of the day and we do not rest until it is, or the debt cannot be collected.

For more information regarding specific issues or to discuss the details of your case, you reach us through multiple channels. Call us at (508) 620-6900 or drop an email at to schedule a consultation with one of our top attorneys. You can also visit our website at for more information regarding numerous topics and the services that we provide.

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