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Are you having trouble with a debtor? Is a debtor unpleasant to deal with? Or is the debtor just refusing to pay up what they owe? You should know that debtors come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re lucky, you debtor will be apologetic and pay their debts, but in the real world, we both know that’s seldom the case. Here are some debtors you may encounter;

The Arrogant Debtor

If you are in the business of providing loans or extending credit, you will find yourself having to deal with many debtors who simply think they are a lot smarter than you. In which case, your debtor will conjure up all sorts of explanations for not paying their debt on time. This particular type of debtor may have even convinced themselves that they do not owe you any money and will simply refute any claims you make on the outstanding debt.

The ‘Kicking and Screaming’ Debtor

This guy is a real piece of work. Not only has he refused to pay for the materials or services that he owes as initially agreed, you may end up taking part in a screaming contest over the phone which doesn’t get you anywhere. Trying to remain calm while the debtor gets enraged and decides to scream their lungs out is the better approach. But, that doesn’t mean you need to lower your standards while engaging the enraged debtor.

The ‘Bad Memory’ Debtor

Forget about paying the bill, this debtor will simply claim that they do not recall making any purchase or taking any amount of loan from you or claim to have simply to forgot to pay your bill or in the alternative claim that they never received the bill. No matter how much you try to remind this debtor that their delinquent debt needs to be paid, and that commitments were made to pay up the debt before a specifically mentioned date, the bad memory debtor will just not be able to recall anything you say.

The ‘Feel Bad for Me’ Debtor

This debtor will want you to sympathize with their situation, and will try every trick in the book to make you feel sorry for them to keep them from having to pay a debt. To do that they will use anything, from a recent divorce, to a death of a loved one, an accident, illness, or some other life altering situation to keep you from demanding a payment.

Why the DIY Approach is a Bad Idea

There are many reasons why a creditor should not go after their unpaid debt in Massachusetts. Mainly because, it is more often than not, a difficult and extremely stressful experience, but more importantly, the creditor (that’s you) also runs the risk of ending up using unethical means for recovering the debt. This is especially true since many creditors are not familiar with the local laws and procedures that revolve around debt collection in Massachusetts. Another reason why creditors should not try to collect their debts themselves because even though they may be legally entitled to directly engage in (assuming the creditor is not a corporation, limited liability company and the like) the collection of any outstanding debts, they are still limited as to the methods they can use while attempting to collect those outstanding debts thanks to Massachusetts debt collection regulations. When it comes to an all-out showdown with a debtor, its best to leave the collections to debt recovery attorneys. Now, imagine the peace of mind one can get if they’d just hire a professional debt collection attorney to do what they do best – collect debts.

The Solution

They say, “time is money”. When it comes to debt collection, it certainly is. That’s because the longer you allow your debtor to remain delinquent, the less likely your chances will be for getting paid. Besides, chasing down delinquent debt isn’t part of your job, which is why you should leave the collections up to the professionals at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC who have decades of experience in collecting outstanding payments on behalf of creditors in Massachusetts. The best part about hiring professional debt collection attorneys in Massachusetts for the collection of delinquent debts is that a collection attorney can provide your case with the attention to detail it needs and to use all options for the collection of your overdue debt. In recent years, creditors have opted for turning over their delinquent accounts to experienced debt collection attorneys.

Time-Tested Tactics for the Collection of Debts

The debt collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can increase your chances of getting paid because they have years of experience in debt collection and work very hard to get the best results for their clients. Not only will an experienced debt collection and debt recovery attorney listen carefully to your case, they will also operate within the confines of the law to increase your chances of getting back your money. We do not harass or inappropriately pursue debtors, but we do take advantage of our time-tested ethical tactics for the collection of debts in Massachusetts. If you are a creditor in need of collecting unpaid invoices, we are here and happy to discuss your options.

The Process

If you happen to be a creditor who is dealing with a customer who stops making their payments, or makes cliché excuses for not being able to pay, then it’s time to bring out the big guns to take care of the overdue debt. Here’s what entails in a debt collection once you’ve hired yourself the right attorney for the job a/k/a, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC. After we’ve gone through the minute details of your case, our experienced debt collection attorneys will prepare a complaint that will be accompanied with ex parte attachment motions, which will attempt to get back your money.

No Time to Waste

When it comes to the collection of delinquent debts in Massachusetts, the more time you waste on making calls and sending emails, the harder it will get for you to recover your debt. That’s why at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen, we don’t waste any time and get straight down to business for the retrieval of your delinquent debt. Being in the game for years, we know the importance of quick action when it comes to collecting debts, which is why after our client signs the affidavits, we will get down to business to improve your chances of getting paid. We will file a suit against the debtor immediately and will seek out ex parte attachments to freeze any and all of the debtor’s bank accounts and personal property as a pre-judgment security. This also increases the chances of our clients to get paid.

We Don’t Write Letters (Unless You Want Us To)

As mentioned before, time is money, especially when it comes to the collection of delinquent debts in Massachusetts. We do not waste time in sending emails or making phone calls to the debtor, because let’s face it. If your debtor had any intentions of repaying their debt, they would have paid it when you first called them. Once the debtor decides that they could stand a good chance of weaseling out of their debt, no amount of phone calls, letters or emails is going to make them change their mind. What you need is a real debt collection attorney who can take prompt and aggressive action against the debtor, while remaining within the confines of the law and respecting the Massachusetts debt collection regulations. But, if you want us to send your debtor a letter, then we will. Sometimes, the court in Massachusetts might not allow the ex parte motion that’s been filed and will require a notice to be sent to the debtor. If that happens, you can rest assured knowing that we are not going to waste any time and will send a notice to the debtor so that the court can allow the attachments to move forward.

A Smart Way to Get Your Delinquent Debts Paid

Hiring an experienced debt collection attorney for the collection of your delinquent debt might just be the smartest decision you have ever made. But, don’t worry, the smarts don’t end there. The experienced debt collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC have been collecting delinquent debts in Massachusetts for so long now that we know the ins and outs of the debt collection process, along with the various laws that go into making collections within the regulations of the law to increase the client’s chances of getting paid. In short, we know what debtors who owe serious amounts of money are capable of when they have no intentions of repaying their debt. We also know that a debtor who has to pay off a seriously high amount of debt will often remove any monies they might have in their bank accounts to save it from being frozen, or used to make the repayments.

This is the area where the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC shines. Since we already know what a debtor is capable of, and can anticipate their next move, we don’t just go after the money the debtor has hidden in their bank accounts, we also focus on personal property attachments to increase the chances of a delinquent debt being paid.

What is a Personal Property Attachment?

Once a debtor has made it clear that they are not going to pay off their debt, you need to take on a more aggressive approach for the collection of a delinquent debt. In a personal property attachment, the deputy sheriff will pay a visit at the debtor’s business, will take an inventory and will stick an orange sticker on the entrance of said business. This is done to make sure everybody who enters the store knows that it has been attached. Many times, a quick visit from the neighborhood sheriff is enough to blow the wind up the debtor and get them to repay their debts.

Still No Sign of a Settlement Agreement

If the debtor still makes no sign of repaying their debt even after the deputy sheriff has paid a visit to the debtor’s business, which does happen, the debt collection attorney can take further action which will have more serious consequences for the debtor. Many times, after the debtor receives a personal property attachment, they resort to a renewed round of excuses which are just aimed at stalling the process of collecting your delinquent debt, or do not sigh on the proposed settlement agreement. As experienced debt collection attorneys in Massachusetts, this action by the debtor is also anticipated. When that happens, once the case is won, the debt collection attorney can get an execution from the court, which means that the deputy sheriff will be paying another visit to the debtor’s business. But, this time, along with making a demand for the payment, the deputy can also seize the debtor’s property if the debtor does not make the full payment of the judgment debt.

Hiring an experienced debt collection attorney in Massachusetts, such as, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC may increase your chances of getting payment for your judgment debt thanks to having years of experience in judgment debt collection in Massachusetts and having a good relationship with the sheriff’s office. If you need to collect any outstanding debt, there’s only one name you need to know in Massachusetts.

Struggling to collect your debt? When it comes to dealing with a debtor that just won’t pay, there is no need to take any chances. What you need is an aggressive and proactive attorney with experience in debt collections in Massachusetts. You need Attorney Alan M. Cohen by your side. If you don’t want to keep running around in circles, get in touch with the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC today at (508) 620-6900 or email us at

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