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Others Just Win Judgments, We Collect Money

Collecting delinquent debts requires more than just winning a judgment. However, many clients often don’t know this. They think and assume that if they have been awarded a judgment and the judgment debtor has been sued to make payments, then that means that the case is closed and they will get their monies back. Well, the truth of the matter is that winning a judgment is only half-legal battle won.

A judgment basically resolves contested issues and terminates the lawsuit. It simply states, who has won the case and the amount of damages the court has awarded the judgment winner.

Once you win the case and receive your judgment, it represents only step one. The court will issue the judgment and then an execution. Although some debtors may quickly roll over and pay, others, indeed, most others are reluctant to voluntarily part with their hard-stolen cash. At this point you have a choice. Choice one, hang the judgment up in the bathroom so if you need spare paper, you have it. Choice two, retain an experienced relentless debt collection attorney at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to give your debtor a run for your money. You should never give up. We don’t.

Even though there is no guaranty that a debt is collectable, wouldn’t you rather hire an attorney who will relentlessly use all legal resources available to try to get you paid than an attorney who doesn’t have the foggiest about how to collect a bad debt and may eventually call the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC for advice? 

Absolutely not!

When you choose to work with us at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, you don’t have to count on your luck or cross your fingers hoping that your debtor abides by the judgment and pays your dues back.

That’s right! Where others just focus on winning judgments, we strive aggressively and relentlessly to help our clients recover their monies from judgment debtors, successfully and efficiently. And that is what we do best and are recognized for.

What makes our debt collection lawyer Alan M. Cohen different is that we don’t make false promises or claims. We can’t promise you immediate debt recovery; but what we can guarantee you is that we will not give up until and unless you get your monies back. Sometimes the debt recovery process can be short and fast; and sometimes it can be a grinding one but rest assured we’ll give it all to help you get paid. 

How we Work to Ensure Debt Collections?

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we attribute our success to our commitment to get our clients justice and our strategic work approach. Our Massachusetts bad debt collections attorney, Alan M. Cohen uses his over 30 years of experience, and knowledge to your advantage.

We don’t just approach a case haphazardly. We plan, strategize and then execute making sure that we pursue claims in compliance with the law, getting you the best outcome. We tactically choose where to bring suit and what debt collection techniques to use in what order.  Believe it or not, it does make a difference. Depending on the case, we can employ a full court press or gradually increase the scope of our collection efforts.

Our attorney starts by conducting a proper case evaluation and doing legwork about the debtor’s assets in Massachusetts.

  • Conduct a Thorough Case and Debtor Asset Investigation

First we sit down with the client to understand the case thoroughly. It helps with getting a good grip about the case and the debtor.

Once that is done, we move forward with our legwork about the debtor and their assets in Massachusetts. This is important to do so as it helps determine the financial strength of the debtor.

  • Use a Strategic Combination of Best Legal Actions in Your Situation

Upon completion of our investigation and case evaluation, we then select the best legal actions to pursue your case.

If you come to with a foreign judgment that you have won in some other state, then first our attorney will file for domestication of your foreign judgment into a Massachusetts judgment while using pre-judgment security strategies to secure payment of your soon to be Massachusetts judgment.

Based on the findings of our investigation about the debtor’s assets, we’ll use legal tools like:

  • Real Estate Attachments,
  • Bank Attachments, and/or
  • Keepers Attachments to help maximize your chances of collecting your monies back by preventing your debtor from evading payment thereby depriving you of debt recovery.

Pre-judgment attachments allow the creditor to freeze or seize the debtor’s assets that can be liquidated for debt recovery in the event when the debtor fails to accept the judgment and refuses to pay debt.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we are a step ahead of others when it comes to collecting monies. We’ll do whatever it takes to legally enforce your judgment aggressively and protect your rights.

  • Follow Procedural Rules and Comply with the Law

When it comes to collecting monies for our clients, the one that we always make sure to do is follow the procedural rules of the State of Massachusetts and work in conformance with the law. We make sure all actions that we take for judgment enforcement are in compliance with the law. And this is what provides us with a winning edge because the debtor cannot challenge the way we approach them in the court or use defenses to show that we did wrong by them.

In fact, unlike novice attorneys and those who just dabble in debt collection and judgment enforcement and find themselves in a struggling situation when the judgment debtor counters them with other tactics; our attorney fights back confidently and more often than not successfully.

Our sound and practical knowledge about the law is quite helpful.  Simply put, our attorney uses the power of the law to get your unpaid bills paid.

  • We Go the Extra Mile to Collect Monies for You Even if We Have to Collect it from the Debtor’s Debtor

Our debt collection attorney never falls for excuses. It’s true that at times debtors may claim that their monies are stuck in account receivables and that they are not in a position to pay back the debt now. They will pay back when once they receive debt payments from their debtors. In how many situations do you know the debtor will honestly and eventually return your debt even if they get paid by their debtors? Well, only a handful.

Some other attorneys fall for such excuses. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC – WE DON’T. Our seasoned attorney Alan M. Cohen uses the lesser known technique called reach and apply injunction for aggressive judgment enforcement in such a scenario where the debtor’s money is “stuck” in account receivables.

As this tool is not commonly used in Massachusetts, only an experienced attorney who understands the law and has worked on several cases would know about it and use it when needed.

Reach and Apply injunction is an effective way to secure a future judgment as well as enforce a Massachusetts judgment and collect money from the debtor’s debtor. By using this tool, Alan M. Cohen will sue the third party that owes your debtor money. We will then directly deal with the debtor’s debtor for payment recovery cutting your debtor from the loop. As our attorney directly deals with the third party, it ensures that they pay money to you first that they owe to your debtor. This technique helps you reach out to the third party directly instead and recover your debt payments.

  • Continuous Follow-up

We believe that to collect debt payments it is important to continuously follow-up with the debtor. You just can’t let them relax. Continuous follow-up helps put pressure on the debtor prioritizing your debt payments first. And this is exactly our attorney will work to continuously follow-up with your debtor. Instead of sending them only demand letters which usually end up in the trash can, our attorneys and paralegals will follow-up on call the debtors personally —reminding them that we have not forgotten them and that they have to make debt payments to you.

  • We Work Professionally and Aggressively

For us collecting monies for you from your debtor is our ultimate target. It is what we strive to do, day after day. We never lose focus of it. With us, you’ll never find yourself stressed out, frustrated or wondering how to reach out to our attorney. We work hard to keep you up to date with the progress of your case.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we work with professionalism (we are highest rated by the leading peer review company Martindale-Hubbell –AV rated for over twenty years) and take on every case proactively and aggressively. Our work ethics, professionalism, diligence and code of conduct have earned the highest rating from Martindale Hubbell from our contemporaries. This is a big achievement because Martindale Hubbell rating serves as a testament to the fact that our peers rank us at the highest level of professional excellence. The attorney working on your case will keep you updated and informed about the case and will pursue your case diligently.

We make sure that you enjoy a stress-free debt collection experience with us. And we ensure this by pursuing every case that we work on with professionalism and no excuses. We abide by the rules and follow the procedure as defined by the legal system. This ensures that the case is pursued and resolved smoothly without any undue delay, confusion, penalties or back and forth. Our wealth of industry experience and exposure helps us aggressively tackle and defeat defenses by the defendant.

Defenses are basically tactics that often defendants (debtors) use to delay the debt payment process. As the law give them the right to challenge foreign judgment, some debtors choose to manipulate this right to get prolong the debt recovery process, so that meanwhile they can think of other strategies of not paying back the obligated judgment amount.

But don’t you worry! These tactics can stop other attorneys who dabble in debt collection but not us. We’ll use the best legal actions to speed up debt recovery process and defeat defenses that your debtor may use to avoid payments.

  • Never Lose Hope

Some debtors eventually cave in & accept defeat, and then eventually pay back the dues. But there are some stubborn debtors who have no intentions of paying. They will do everything that they can to make sure that they don’t have to pay even if they have to transfer their assets on someone else’s name and show them as broke. Such debtors will continue to make excuses for not paying. We enjoy jumping through the hoops that the debtors and their attorneys have erected. They only make us more determined to collect your monies from them.

Remember that, this is also a clever tactic that works on novice attorneys who don’t have the experience in dealing with such debtors. The strategy behind this tactic is to delay the payment so that the creditor eventually gives up and waives it.

Also, delaying payments helps the debtor gain more time. This works in their advantage because judgment comes with an expiration date—m twenty years as of 2018. If the monies can’t be recovered before the expiration date, we can file a suit on the judgment to reset the clock or file motions to enlarge the duration of the judgment five years.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we strive relentlessly for debt collection. We never lose hope or quit. Our attorneys work diligently to help creditors recover their monies from their deadbeat debtors.

Where other attorneys may focus on other cases and give your case a backseat buying the debtors excuse for not making payments now; we don’t do that. Instead in such a situation, we take on the case more aggressively and with persistence.

  • If and When Needed We May Also Seek Supplementary Process for Debt Collection

If needed, we may also seek the supplementary process for debt collection. The supplementary process proceedings are commenced after obtaining court judgment against the debtor. In these proceedings, the creditor has the sheriff or constable serve the summons upon the debtor which requires the debtor to appear in the court. In these proceedings, the debtor submits to an examination under oath. In most cases, the debtor works out a debt payment plan with the judgment creditor.

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