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Our Aggressive Foreign Judgment Enforcement Attorneys Know How to Domesticate Your Foreign Judgment

Regardless of the number of times you have called or sent demand letters, recovering money from debtors is no easy task.

The situation can aggravate if the debtor is located out of state. Your follow-up calls with them can become even more difficult unless you have an aggressive foreign judgment enforcement attorney by your side.

If you have an out-of-state debtor operating in Massachusetts, then get in touch with us today. As foreign judgment cannot be enforced in Massachusetts by registration you must commence a new action in Massachusetts to enforce your foreign judgment. The aggressive and relentless foreign judgment enforcement attorneys at the Law Offices of the Alan M. Cohen LLC have over three decades of experience domesticating foreign judgments in Massachusetts and collecting foreign judgments in Massachusetts.

Once you hire us, our collection attorneys will file suit to domesticate your foreign judgment. Domestication of a foreign judgment is different in Massachusetts because unlike the other 47 states of the US, Massachusetts has not signed or implemented the Uniform Enforcement of the Foreign Judgment Act. This means that foreign judgments cannot be directly implemented through registration here. Therefore, first your foreign judgment must be localized and converted into a Massachusetts judgment.  This is what we can help you with.

Our aggressive foreign judgment enforcement attorneys will not only file for domestication but will also seek pre-judgment security actions, such as ex-parte attachments to help recover your debt as quickly as possible. Simply stated, we work to stay at least one step ahead of the debtor. While the domestication is underway, we will use the power of attachments to seize and freeze the debtor’s assets in Massachusetts without any notice, when allowed by the court, thereby preventing the debtor from transferring their money from the accounts in Massachusetts or selling properties to avoid paying their debt to you.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, once retained, we will work doggedly on your behalf throughout the debt collection process. When you hire the Law Offices of Alan m. Cohen LLC to domesticate your foreign judgment, you can spend your time making money while leaving the aggressive and relentless debt collection of foreign judgments in our experienced hands. Rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned to ensure efficient debt recovery from out-of-state debtors with assets in Massachusetts.

When you need your foreign judgment domesticated in Massachusetts call the experienced foreign judgment Massachusetts collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC at (508) 620-6900 or email at today.

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