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Our Experienced Massachusetts Collection Lawyers Not Only Enforce Mechanics Liens but Also Use Other Debt Collection Techniques to Get You Paid

Just like other industries, it’s equally difficult for sub-contractors and suppliers to recover debts from general contractors and property owners in the construction industry. Often, we see suppliers and sub-contractors struggling to recover debt payments for materials provided and services rendered on a construction job. 

If you too are in a similar situation and operating in Massachusetts, then get in touch with our experienced Massachusetts collection lawyer and mechanics lien lawyer Alan M. Cohen. We can help you prepare and enforce mechanics liens throughout Massachusetts. We relentlessly work to recover debt payments efficiently and in a timely manner. It’s important that you act fast because the small window to file and enforce a mechanics lien is open for only a limited time period.

The Massachusetts Mechanic’s lien Statute Provides One Avenue of Debt Recovery

The Massachusetts mechanic’s lien statute provides protection to suppliers and contractors seeking payment for labor and materials provided to a construction project. This lien gives you collateral providing you another avenue of getting paid. The collateral is the construction property.

With a mechanics lien, the parties such as the property owner are not allowed to be unjustly enriched by your labor and materials, provided that you act fast enough. This not only puts pressure on them to address payments of debts but may also prevent them from selling, refinancing or transferring the property.

If You Miss Your Time Deadline for Filing or Enforcing A Mechanic’s Lien, Our Massachusetts Collection Attorneys Can Use Other Techniques to Collect Your Debt

When filing a mechanics lien, you must comply with M. G.L. Ch. 254. Strict compliance with the rules as mandated by the court is crucial. However, if you fail to comply with the law or miss the time deadline for filing or enforcing a mechanic’s lien other remedies remain to collect your debt from the party with whom you contracted.

Our seasoned construction and collection attorney has a solid understanding of the legal complexities and laws pertaining to debt collection and the construction industry. This means that we can use other techniques to collect your debts even if the mechanics lien remedy is not available to you.

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Act now. Delay only helps your debtor. Call us at (508) 620-6900 or email us at . Our attorneys will review your case and determine whether or not you meet the criteria for filing a mechanics lien. Remember, don’t give up. We never do.

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