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Our Experienced Massachusetts Collection Lawyers Not Only Know How to Enforce Mechanics Liens but To Use Other Debt Collection Techniques to Get You Paid

“I’ve become tied up with a client who refuses to pay its bills even after the services have been provided in full.” “I’m considering to just let it go.” These are some of the common statements we hear at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC.   A mechanic’s lien can help you eliminate this problem.

The Massachusetts mechanic’s lien statute can assist a supplier or contractor to get paid if filed early enough. It is one of the very few instances which allow a supplier or contractor to put a lien on a property owned by someone with whom they have no contractual relationship, known in legal terms as “no contractual privity.”  Often sub-contractors are small suppliers get caught up in delaying tactics used by the big fish of the industry. A little research and knowledge about appropriate laws in this regard can help a lot:

The Massachusetts Mechanic’s lien Statute Provides but One Avenue of Debt Recovery

The Massachusetts mechanic’s lien statute is just one method of recovering debts in the construction industry. That being said, it is by far one of the most successful methods because the cover it provides a supplier can be quite substantial.

If You Miss Your Time Deadline for Filing or Enforcing a Mechanic’s Lien Don’t Give Up. We Don’t.

Many suppliers and contractors are unaware about how to use a mechanic’s lien and what a mechanic’s lien can do for them. Suppliers and contractors often contact the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to help them with the mechanic’s lien process  The effective execution of the Massachusetts mechanic’s lien statute is complication and detailed. The statute, because it gives you the right to lien a property owned by someone with whom you did not contract, requires strict compliance with its terms. Using the experienced mechanic’s liens attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can make the difference between having an enforceable mechanic’s lien which can get you paid or not.

However, even if you have waited too long or used an online service or inexperienced mechanic’s lien attorney who has dropped the ball, you should not give up because we don’t. Although a mechanic’s lien is an effective means of getting paid, it is not the only tool that the Law Offices of Alan m. Cohen has in its tool chest available to get you paid.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we work to ensure that even absent a mechanics lien, that all available tools are used to try to get you paid. Our relentless attorneys use their decades of experience in order to pursue other remedies towards the debtor. A mechanic’s lien is specific to the construction industry but there are other more general provisions that can apply to such cases. The motto at the end of the day is to get you paid in full.

You Should Hire An Experienced Construction Attorney Who Also Has Debt Collection Experience- Because Winning Isn’t Everything—Getting Paid Is!

Winning a law suit for debt collection is only a hollow success. Most attorneys so focused on winning the case that they miss the real goal of contract litigation—get you paid. This is why you require an experienced construction attorney who goes the extra mile and ensures that they don’t stop when the case is won; they keep going until the judgment is collected or no one else can collect any monies from the debtor.

Alan M. Cohen and his team use all their skills and knowledge to aggressively and relentlessly pursue your debtors in a way that is within the law until they pay their debt obligations to you. The mechanic’s lien is just one such remedy for contractors and suppliers in the construction industry.  Picking the right attorney can make all the difference between stopping at winning the case or going on to get paid.

We Prepare Promissory Notes, Guarantees, Credit Applications, Commercial Documents and Mechanic’s Liens So When You Have to Sue You Have the Best Protection

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC there is a lot more provided than just commercial debt collection litigation. Our attorneys work to make sure that when you place your trust in us, we repay this valuable possession to the best of our abilities. Our attorneys have decades of experience preparing mechanic liens in addition to other important documents that are required to obtain it. Courts can dissolve a mechanic’s lien if not in the correct form or if incorrectly filed. It is therefore important to have these documents drafted by a professional Massachusetts mechanic’s lien attorney.

In addition to Massachusetts mechanic’s liens, we prepare guarantees, credit applications and other commercial documents that can help you set a strong foundation for your business. We attempt to draft all documents with litigation in mind. That means we think about how a court would construe the document and attempt to prepare the documents so if litigation is necessary, you win. Our competitive advantage lies in the aggressive yet calculated approach that we take in order to win the case for you and then go on to get you paid.

Our clientele includes businesses from almost every industry and field of work. Our attorneys have helped many businesses successfully prepare and enforce mechanic’s liens and then get paid.

For more information email us at You can also get in touch with our attorneys by calling our office at (508) 620-6900. You can schedule a consultation to discuss the intricacies of your case.

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