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Our Experienced Massachusetts Construction Lawyers Not Only Know How to Enforce Mechanic’s Liens but To Use Other Debt Collection Techniques to Get You Paid

The construction industry has its own sets of difficulties for suppliers and sub-contractors who want to recover debts from property owners and general contractors. Property owners and general contractors often don’t pay the money they owe to sub-contractors and suppliers. They create difficulties for them and make it hard for them to recover the debt payments from them.

If you are struggling to recover your debt from general contractors, property owners or any other entity within the construction industry, hire a mechanic’s liens attorney from the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC. Our experienced attorney can help enforce mechanic’s liens within Massachusetts to help recover your debt payments. In addition to that, they can employ other debt collection techniques to get you paid.

The Massachusetts Mechanic’s lien Statute Provides But One Avenue of Debt Recovery

In Massachusetts, the Mechanic’s lien provides much-needed protection to contractors and suppliers who are to be paid for material and labor they provided for construction work. This mechanic’s lien provides them with the collateral to help ensure that they get paid. The collateral that is provided is the property for which they gave the material and labor.

Mechanic’s lien helps ensures that the debtor pays you, but only when timely prepared, perfected and enforced. It pressurizes the debtor to make pay your bill and may also prevent the parties from refinancing, transferring or selling the property unless they post a bond. However, there is a deadline for filing or enforcing a mechanic’s lien in Massachusetts. If you’re a general contractor, then you must file the mechanic’s lien within a period of 90 days of the date you last provided materials or labor to the project.

If You Miss Your Time Deadline For Filing or Enforcing A Mechanic’s Lien Don’t Give Up. We Don’t!!

When you or your attorney files a mechanic’s lien, they must comply with the M.G.L.c. 254. If you don’t comply with the Massachusetts law or if you, due to some reason, fail to file the lien before the deadline, you shouldn’t lose hope. At the Law of Offices of Alan M. Cohen LCC, we have several other remedies that can help you collect the debt from the debtors who owe you.

You Should Hire An Experienced Construction Attorney Who Also Has Debt Collection Experience- Winning Isn’t Everything—Getting Paid Is!

Our experienced collection attorneys have an understanding of legal complexities pertaining to the construction industry. Moreover, they know a variety of legal tools and remedies that can help you recover debt from property owners, general contractors and other parties in the industry.

We don’t just enforce mechanic’s liens, we collect debt as well. We relentlessly pursue the debtor until they either pay or no one can collect the debt. Our extensive debt collection experience will ensure that you recover your debt.

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