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Our Massachusetts Collection Attorneys Use Equitable Injunctions to Collect Foreign Judgments

In America, every judgment that comes from another state or another country within the United States is considered foreign judgments. Foreign judgments cannot be directly enforced without the court’s approval to recognize that judgment as domestic. Massachusetts is, unfortunately, one of the few states which has not enact the “Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Act”. This act identifies the procedures and requirements of enacting a foreign judgment. That is the reason why a suit must be filed by a creditor on their foreign judgments in Massachusetts in order to enforce their foreign judgments. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can help you domesticate judgment. During the domestication of the foreign judgments, we seek to secure the foreign judgment enforcement by using, among other tools, equitable injunctions.

In this post, we’ll discuss how we use reach and apply injunctions, equitable injunctions, and other prejudgment collection tools to help you collect your foreign judgments. We differ from other foreign judgments collection attorneys in Massachusetts. We collect foreign judgments.

We Use Post Judgment Reach and Apply Injunctions to Collect Your Foreign Judgments

Reach and apply injections aren’t known to many, but this remedy is effective. Unfortunately, this tool cannot be used within all states of the U.S. Reach and apply injunctions are applicable in only a few states and Massachusetts is one of them.

This legal tool really helps foreign judgment creditors. It allows them to get monies back from the debtor of their foreign judgment debtor. Confused? Let us put that in layman’s terms.

Sometimes, debtors claim that the amount which they owe to the creditor is being deferred by another party. They say that they can’t pay you because they haven’t received the payment from the third party. Reach and apply injunctions are extremely helpful in such instances because they connect you with the third party directly and gives you the right to get payment from them with no involvement of the judgment debtor.

With reach and apply injunctions, our experienced foreign judgments collection attorney can enforce your foreign judgment while domesticating the foreign judgment by suing the third party who owes money to the foreign judgment debtor. In simple terms, it means that sometimes all the money that the foreign judgment debtor owes to you can be recovered by a third party who owes some money to the debtor.

With the reach and apply injunction, our aggressive and relentless foreign judgments collection attorney will be directly dealing with the debtor of your judgment debtor. This will cut the judgment debtor out from the picture. We deal directly with the party that is responsible for the payment. We pursue the case aggressively to ensure that the party makes the payment they owe to the debtor. There are several benefits of using reach and apply injunctions. One is that you may get payments sooner as the debtor of the debtor will be forced to pay the amount. Moreover, there is less chance of confusion and miscommunication when you’re directly dealing with the party responsible for the payment. 

Post Judgment Equitable Injunctions Pursuant to M.G.L.c. 214 Section 1 Allow The Court to Fashion An Equitable Remedy To Help You Collect Your Judgment, Whether it is a Massachusetts Judgment or a Foreign Judgment

Equitable injunction is an effective legal tool for collecting debt. It’s a court order that’s issued to refrain a party from certain acts like selling or transferring assets which can be used for making debt. If the foreign judgment debtor doesn’t follow the court’s order, they may face civil penalties like monetary sanctions and with continued violation of court orders, imprisonment for contempt of court.  Post judgment equitable injunctions pursuant to M.G.L.c. 214 Section allow the court to fashion an equitable remedy to help you collect your judgment. This is true for Massachusetts judgments or foreign judgments.   

Our Approach to Collecting Massachusetts Judgments Is Honed from Collectively Over Four Decades of Experience Representing Foreign Judgment Creditors Like you

With over three decades of experience representing foreign judgment creditors like you to secure recovery of debt, we have the skills required to enforce foreign judgments as well as Massachusetts judgments. Our relentless attorneys have been dealing with judgment debtors collectively for more than forty years and have the legal experience to relentlessly pursue judgment debtors until they pay, or no one can make them pay. The legal remedies employed by our attorneys help ensure that your foreign judgment debt is collected.

Unlike Other Attorneys Who May Know How to Just Win A Judgment; We Also Know How to Collect Judgments and Get You Paid

Wining a foreign judgment is important, but what is more significant is knowing how the foreign judgment can be domesticated and collected. The reason is that winning a foreign judgment won’t do you any good when the debtor and its assets are in Massachusetts, if you can’t domesticate the foreign judgment and get paid from the debtor.

There are many debt recovery attorneys in Massachusetts who promise to collect judgments. They claim that they can make the debtors pay and will get you your monies back no matter what. However, due to limited experience, knowledge and the commitment to do anything and everything legally permitted, they aren’t able to honor their claim. Our attorneys are experienced and employ strategies that allow them to collect your outstanding foreign judgment. They know the legal remedies and tools like reach and apply injunctions which increase the likelihood of you getting your monies back. Our experience in handling foreign judgment cases is what sets us apart from other collection attorneys in Massachusetts.  We don’t give up. We explore every effort to get you paid. We are aggressive and relentless. Whether it takes a short period of time or decades. We are in it for the long haul to get you paid.

Our attorneys work by comprehensively evaluating the case to determine how they should approach it and what legal remedies should be employed for collecting your foreign judgments. We discuss the situation with you and make you aware of everything that will follow in your case. We know what must be done to get you paid and do it. That’s part of what makes us different from other attorneys out there.

Our Collections Lawyers Carefully Investigate Your Deadbeat’s Assets So That We Don’t Waste Time Going Down the Wrong Road

We know that taking the most effective and the right legal path is essential for foreign judgments debt collection. That’s why we investigate the assets of the debtor to determine the right approach. We examine the properties, bank accounts, wages, income stream, etc. to ensure we go down the right path.

We Work to Follow the Money Trail by Pealing back The Onion to Enforce Your Judgment, Our Thorough Investigation Can Reveal Assets That Others Have Missed

Through experience in domesticating foreign judgments and collecting foreign judgments within Massachusetts, we have learned that many debtors hide their real net worth. They lie about these kinds of things so that they don’t have to pay. Our attorneys don’t let these lies of judgment debtors fool them. They know the tricks employed by judgment debtors. That’s why we follow the debtor’s money trail by peeling back the onion. We use post judgment discovery to attempt to locate the debtor’s assets In Massachusetts, the judgment creditor has the right to obtain the money trail of the debtor if they require it to obtain debt payments.

Our attorney will demand information from the judgment debtor as well as from third parties to follow the money trail. We will seek to obtain all the information in a proper legal manner to help you collect your judgment. 

Once We Have Identified The Deadbeat’s Assets, Then We Elect To Either File Rule 69 Motions In The Underlying Judgment or Commence A New Suit to Collect Your Judgment

Once we identify the assets of the judgment debtor, we move forward to try our hardest to get you paid. Depending on the circumstances of the case, we either file Rule 69 Motions in the underlying judgment or commence a new suit to collect your judgment. Our attorneys use their over forty years of collective experience to attempt to collect your foreign judgment. 

Sometimes supplementary process is also used by our attorneys for debt collection. Supplementary process involves debt collection of a previous Massachusetts judgment. If the attorney files an application for supplementary process, the judgment debtor will be required to appear in court and detail their assets and income. Based on debtor’s answer, the judge will determine whether they have the ability of paying the debt. When the debtor examination is done before the judge, the questions will be asked under oath to ensure that the debtor doesn’t try to mislead the judge. If the judge orders the debtor to pay and they don’t do so, then the can be held in contempt at the court’s discretion.

Different techniques and tactics are used by our attorneys depending on the case. We always take the approach that we believe is best for your case and will help you collect your foreign judgment.

We Use All Appropriate Judgment Collection Tools to Collect Post Judgment

We know that collecting debts is a top priority for you. That’s why at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we don’t stop until we have collected your debt. We relentlessly pursue the foreign judgment debtor until they either pay or no one can collect the debt.

To recover your debts, we’ll use all appropriate -judgment collection tools to collect post judgment for you. We’ll follow the debtor’s money trail, we may use the reach and apply injunction, we may use equitable injunctions and we may use supplementary process to get your monies back from the debtor. There are many other tools in our tool chest that we will also use to help collect your judgment debt. Rest assured that if we can’t collect debt, no one else can!

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For more information about how we can help you collect foreign judgments, call us at 508 620 6900 or reach us out through an email at We exist to provide legal assistance to you and help you recover your foreign judgment debt from debtors in Massachusetts. Hire us when you seriously want to collect foreign judgments in Massachusetts.

The foreign judgment collection process can be complex, but when you have the experienced foreign judgment enforcement attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, you know that you have maximized your possible foreign judgment debt collection efforts. Once you have hired us for assistance, we’ll discuss everything relating to the case and inform you how we’ll move forward with the case. All the information will be provided to you to make the process transparent.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we work diligently and relentlessly to collect your foreign judgment from your judgment debtor. We will use all the legal remedies at our disposal to aggressively and relentlessly pursue the debtor until they either pay the debt or no one can collect the debt. Through extensive experience and our knowledge and effective use of appropriate legal remedies, we will hive you our all-in pursuit of collecting your foreign judgments.

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