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Our Relentless Massachusetts Collection Attorney Collects Foreign Judgments

Collecting debts from debtors operating in Massachusetts while you are in some other state or located internationally can be difficult even when you have a judgment against them. It may be difficult for you to enforce judgment not just because of the location difference, distance and communication gap but also because of the fact that the out of state judgments cannot be enforced by registration in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is among the few states that have not adopted the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Act and therefore, no out of state judgment can be enforced here unless and until it is domesticated by filing a new suit here to obtain a Massachusetts judgment.

Our Experienced Collections Attorney Knows How to Enforce Foreign Judgment in Massachusetts

Domesticating a foreign judgment and enforcing it in Massachusetts requires skills and knowledge. Our experienced Massachusetts collections attorneys has the complete know-how of how to domesticate foreign judgments and then enforce it to try to collect the Massachusetts judgment debt. If you are in another state or country and have obtained a judgment against a Massachusetts debtor or your debtor has assets in Massachusetts, we can help.

How to Domesticate and Collect Your Debt?

To get started, first, our debt collection lawyer will file a suit in Massachusetts on your behalf to domesticate your foreign judgment. While the domestication of the judgment is underway, we will seek to obtain pre-Massachusetts judgment security so that when the judgment is domesticated, you may have a source from which to collect your money. 

We will thoroughly investigate the debtor’s assets and will seek pre-judgment security for you to get paid using ex-parte attachments on real estate and bank accounts by freezing your debtor’s assets.

Once the court domesticates the foreign judgment and issues a Massachusetts judgment, it will issue an execution. At that point the experienced collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC will then explore the possibilities of seizing your debtor’s assets and selling them to help pay the judgment. Our debt recovery attorneys may determine that wage garnishments, reach and apply injunctions and/or other post judgment relief may be the best way to get you paid.

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