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Our Relentless Massachusetts Collection Attorney Knows How to Collect a Foreign Judgment

Judgments from another state within the US or from another country are colloquially referred to as “foreign judgments”. But they are not. They are judgments from sister states which are entitled by the United States Constitution to “full faith and credit”. Judgments from foreign countries are true foreign judgments and they must jump over higher hurdles to be enforced by a court in the United States.

Although some states, indeed most states allow registration of foreign judgment, a ministerial act, as a precondition to enforcing same, Massachusetts does not. Massachusetts requires the holder of either a judgment from a foreign judgment of either type to be enforced only by filing a brand new lawsuit in Massachusetts to domesticate the foreign judgment. This makes the process of judgment enforcement and debt collection more complicated in comparison to other states of the US who have adopted the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Act. 

Therefore, to navigate your way through the legal complexities of foreign judgment enforcement you should call  experienced foreign judgment collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC .

Our Experienced Collections Attorney Knows How to Enforce Foreign Judgment in Massachusetts

The first step to enforcing a foreign judgment in Massachusetts is to get an approval from the court that shows your foreign judgment has been domesticated into Massachusetts judgment. For this you will have to file a lawsuit in the Massachusetts court. 

Our experienced Massachusetts foreign judgment collections attorneys have the  know-how needed to contemporaneously seek to domesticate foreign judgment and enforce it to ensure successful debt recovery. We’ll handle  every step of the domestication process. So, even if you’re in another state or country, with us you can be confident that if your foreign judgment was properly entered we will aggressively pursue not only the domestication of your foreign judgment into a Massachusetts judgment, but what really matters, GETTING YOU PAID.

How to Domesticate and Collect Your Debt?

To get started, first, our debt collection lawyer will file a suit in the state of Massachusetts on your behalf to domesticate foreign judgment. While the domestication of the judgment is underway, where appropriate, we’ll seek to obtain ex parte pre-Massachusetts judgment security. This action will increase your chances of getting paid once the judgment is domesticated. Pre-judgment security measures like ex-parte attachments on real estate and bank accounts help tie up debtor’s assets in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to satisfy the debt claim once the judgment is localized. These are actions that are within the boundaries of the law help to collect your judgment.

When the court approves your foreign judgment domestication and enters a Massachusetts judgment in your favor the next step is to request and obtain the execution. The execution is the piece of paper that allows the sheriff to seize non-exempt assets and sell them to pay off your judgment.

We will use a combination of different legal tools to work to secure debt recovery. These may include wage garnishments, reach and apply injunctions, asset sales, and liens. 

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Call us at (508) 620-6900 or email us at for case discussion and evaluation. With us, you don’t have to write off your debts just because you are not located in Massachusetts where your judgment debtor has assets or incomes. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we work relentlessly to secure and maximize debt recovery for our clients. Our goal is to get you paid no matter where you may have a place of business. Unlike others who grab at the low hanging fruit, we do not give up—EVER. The only time we stop our collection activities is when we are convinced that no one could collect any money from your foreign judgment debtor.  If you are tired of not getting paid, call the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC and see what experienced commercial debt collection professionals can do for you.

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