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Peeking Behind the Corporate Judgment Debtor

A corporate judgment debtor may attempt to hide a lot, especially once the judgment has been obtained and he or she knows that it’s time to pay up. With the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC on your side, you can examine your corporate judgment debtor to find all of his or her assets, and use them to get paid.

What Needs to Happen to Collect

Simply obtaining a corporate judgment is not enough. A judgment cannot compel a debtor to pay. You’ll need assistance from an experienced collection attorney like Alan M. Cohen to take the aggressive steps needed to get your money back. Those who push hard for collection, instead of sending letters or trying to persuade, are the most successful.

Before the judgment is even obtained, Attorney Cohen will conduct discovery into your debtor and uncover his or her assets — even the ones he or she is trying to hide. This peek involves uncovering any business that your debtor owns or is involved with, including any corporate entity’s assets or income.

It also means looking at bank accounts, real estate, and other personal assets to determine what the debtor owns, and if he or she has tried to transfer any of it to someone else in light of the debt.

With these assets located and recorded, Attorney Cohen pursues attachments and injunctive relief and post judgment  also pursues wage garnishments, asset seizures and sales. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC works aggressively to  uncover where the debtor has its assets and to prevent them from further hiding same.

Ethical, Aggressive Discovery, and Collection Tactics

If you are using a collections agency or an attorney which does not focus on debt collection to address your corporate judgment debtor, they may simply send letters and make phone calls requesting payment. Often, this merely alerts the debtor and he or she becomes harder to find and starts to hide their assets.

Attorney Alan M. Cohen uses aggressive yet ethical tactics that are far more effective than “persuasive calls and letters”. Attorney Cohen’s work peeks behind the corporate judgment debtor to find out everything about its financial situation. At the same time, he immediately files suit to get the legal process moving.

Attorney Cohen uses tactics like injunctive relief, post-judgment sheriff sales, ex-parte attachments, and post-judgment actions because they work. And they work quickly and effectively. If you are seeking repayment from a corporate debtor, business debtor or any other commercial debtor, give Attorney Cohen a call today at 508-620-6900 or email

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