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A written contract is necessary for enforcing a Massachusetts mechanic’s lien, but that contract can be made up of more than one writing, electronic or written.

Personal Property Attachment = Full Debt Collection

A commercial property owner, after paying all of Company “B’s” requisitions, develops deadbeatitis on the fabled “last payment” for almost $6,000.00. Company “B” called us.

We appeared ex parte and obtained a bank attachment and personal property attachment. The Deputy Sheriff, armed with the personal property attachment convinced the debtor that calling us would be in its best interest. “How do I get rid of this sheriff,” the debtor asked? “You could pay the bill,” we suggested. The debtor said that it would pay the full amount due and owing the next day.

We told the debtor that we would ask the sheriff to leave but would send him back in two days if we did not receive payment.

Revived by the gospel of actually paying for what you receive, the debtor paid the full amount due and owing, including interest, costs and the sheriff’s bill.

Sometimes, all that is necessary to obtain payment is a visit by your friendly neighborhood deputy sheriff armed with a writ of attachment authorizing seizure of personal property.

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