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Post Foreign Judgment Enforcement

When you need a foreign judgment enforced to collect on debt, simply filing a suit is not enough.

While the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen  LLC will file suit, and file it quickly, to bring your foreign judgment into Massachusetts, we know that there is work to be done to ensure that post foreign judgment, you will see that judgment enforced and your monies collected.

With over three decades of experience, Attorney Cohen knows what to do to make sure that you will see your debt repaid, exhausting every legal avenue with determination, ethics, and innovation.

What Happens after a Foreign Judgment is Domesticated?

Attorney Alan M. Cohen domesticates your foreign judgment by appropriately filing suit in MA. At the same time, our law offices get to work identifying debtors’ assets in this state, seeking ex parte prejudgment security to ensure that any assets that exist can be used to pay you when you win the suit.

We take many steps to seek out these assets, starting with a limited search to get an overview of what assets exist. Then, we dig deeper, with address checks, social media searches and other relevant searching, investigation into where your debtor lives and what he/she does for work, searching for evidence of fraudulent transfers and alter egos, and other ways your debtor might try to hide valuable monies or assets.

We leave nothing unchecked, discovering all we can about the debtor and what he/she has that can be used to pay.

The Alan M. Cohen Difference

Other law firms claiming to offer foreign judgment domestication services stop at filing suit, hoping that this will be enough to make the debtor pay. Or, they send demand letters requesting that debtors pay. This is not often effective. Debtors can simply ignore the demands, hide their assets, and disappear, along with any chance of getting that debt paid back.

Attorney Alan M. Cohen knows that persuasion doesn’t work when it comes to debtors. If it did, they wouldn’t owe you anything. Our law offices immediately take action, and real action that works. We collect as quickly and efficiently as possible, knowing that you have already used valuable time in having to have a judgment domesticated.

Let us help you enforce your judgment instead of stopping at domestication. Give us a call at 508-620-6900.

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