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Alan Cohen

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An Electrical Supplier’s corporate debtor suddenly went dark and refused to pay its bill. My client immediately called me to file commercial litigation.

After searching for the debtor’s assets, I immediately brought suit and sought and obtained an ex parte attachment of the debtor’s bank account. Although the attachment only seized less than $2,000.00, what I did seize was the debtor’s attention.

The debtor’s attorney tendered a paltry offer which my client wisely rejected. After the debtor’s attorney filed an answer, I unleashed a barrage of written discovery requests including interrogatories, request for admissions and request for documents to force the debtor to explain why it had not paid the monies that it owed to my client.

After lengthy negotiations, I obtained a settlement agreement which contained an agreement for judgment in excess of $55,000.00 to be held in escrow to make sure that the debtor timely paid the reduced settlement amount in excess of $30,000.00, which included the full amount of the principal plus some of the interest and attorney fees. Facing the “sword of Damocles”, the debtor timely made all of the required payments.

As a result of my skilled negotiating tactics, I incentivized the debtor to pay the entire principal amount of the outstanding bill, something my client never anticipated would happen. Although this does not always happen, I use the facts and my over thirty years of experience to my clients’ best advantage to negotiate the most favorable resolution.

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