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Reach and Apply Injunctions

A reach and apply injunction is a statutory tool that allows a creditor to sue a third party that owes your debtor money. The third party must then pay you instead of your debtor.

Since your debtor is obstructing your payment, cutting him or her out of the loop can be an effective way of getting your money.

This is a strategy that is not possible in all states. It’s one of the lesser-known techniques in Massachusetts. Attorney Alan M. Cohen routinely navigates these waters and can seek to collect money on your behalf using the reach and apply statute. If you have been struggling to get the money that you are owed, of if you wish to reduce time-wasting while using legal techniques that work, get in touch with the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC today.

If you’ve won a judgment recently, you may already have realized that this was only the first step towards achieving satisfaction. The court does not unilaterally enforce the judgment, which means that a judgment is another piece of paper that your debtor can ignore … until you use an attorney who routinely works to enforce judgments.

There is a time limit to how long you have to enforce the judgment. The rules differ from state to state, but it’s best not to wait around and hope for the best. While you wait, you can be sure that your debtor is going to be actively attempting to frustrate your debt collection efforts. Your best course of action, however, is to hire the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to take appropriate, direct, and aggressive legal action.

Get in touch with our attorneys that know and use effective techniques for enforcing judgments for commercial debt and is prepared to use them all including reach and apply injunctions.

Alan M. Cohen has used reach and apply injunctions where collection agencies have failed to collect. It’s a legal technique that can be used to receive payment from your debtor’s customers or from companies that serve as a conduit of payment.

As with other strategies involved in enforcing judgments, sometimes the focused, aggressive legal action of a reach and apply injunction is enough to motivate the debtor to come to the table and resolve the debt or make a plan to do so. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, you can be assured that we will do whatever is necessary to get the most favorable response on your behalf within the law.

We do not send empty threats to debtors, with letter after letter going unanswered. If you’ve had enough of waiting or using tactics that are being happily ignored, get in touch with the Law Offices of attorney Alan M. Cohen today.

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