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What makes us different? The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC immediately commences suit, seeking where appropriate ex parte attachments of your debtor’s bank accounts, real estate or income stream using reach and apply injunctions. When successful, your debtor first learns of our name when its bank tells them that we have attached their account.  The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC also prepares, perfects, and enforces mechanic’s liens.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we offer experienced and aggressive debt collection services. Our lead attorney, Alan M. Cohen, has provided commercial debt collection services for over 30 years. We have extensive experience offering ethical but relentless commercial debt collection tactics to businesses throughout Massachusetts for businesses including:

  • Advertising companies
  • Attorneys, consultants, engineers, architects and accountants
    • Internationally Recognized Patent Law Firm
    • Local law firms and attorneys
  • Building materials suppliers and cabinet manufacturers
  • Commercial landlords
  • Consulting companies
  • Drywall suppliers and insulation companies
  • Electrical suppliers and plumbing suppliers
  • Equipment rental companies
  • Gasoline suppliers and fuel and oil suppliers
  • General contractors and subcontractors
  • Internet Companies
    • Massachusetts Office of International Internet Content Writing Corporation
  • Lenders and banks
    • Local Bank
    • Regional Bank
    • International Bank
  • Liquor wholesalers, suppliers and distributors
  • Lumber yards
  • Placement agencies
  • Produce suppliers, fruit suppliers, meat suppliers and provision suppliers
  • Sand and gravel companies
  • Seafood and fish distributors
  • Suppliers, Wholesalers, and Distributors
    • Massachusetts Offices of Publically Traded International Plumbing Supplier
    • Massachusetts Branch of Multi-State Drywall Supplier
    • Multi Branch Lumber Yards
    • Legacy Lumber Yards
    • Multi State Sundry Suppliers
    • Multi State Plumbing Suppliers
    • Electrical Supplies Distributors
    • Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Vegetable and Produce Distributors
    • Multi-State Gas Distributors
    • Commercial Fuel Suppliers

Our founder Attorney Alan M. Cohen’s record of success has helped him earn Martindale-Hubbell’s AV rating*, which is the highest peer review rating possible. Contact our law firm today to speak or meet with one of our aggressive, relentless and effective Massachusetts commercial debt collection attorneys. We will not stop until we have collected your money or the account is finally deemed noncollectable.

Offering Aggressive Massachusetts Debt Collection Services to Help You Get Paid

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we focus solely on helping businesses succeed through offering aggressive, relentless, effective and ethical commercial debt collection services. Our law firm works to place our clients at the front of the payment line. We immediately file suit and pursue ex parte attachments to obtain pre-judgment security so that when you win, there may be a pot from which to collect. When you want us to, we tactfully and professionally work  to help support your focus on restoring business relationships with debtors who become good paying customers.

Not only do we aggressively, relentlessly, effectively and ethically  pursue commercial and business debts, but we also prepare and review credit applications, personal guaranties, promissory notes, mortgages, Uniform Commercial Code security instruments and home improvement contracts. That means that you set the ground rules in your business relationship to ensure that you have as many means as possible to collect your money if your client doesn’t pay.

Helping Clients Secure Payment for Construction-Related Debts

If a property owner, general contractor or subcontractor cannot or will not pay for the work you performed, we act quickly to help secure your payments by filing a mechanics lien. Mechanics liens liens are one of the few ways you can obtain a security interest or lien on someone’s property without court approval. The mechanic’s lien process is detailed and time-sensitive. If you miss any step in the process, you lose your legal claim. This process should not be trusted to someone who does not know how to complete it.

Our law firm in Framingham, MA has has a strong background helping suppliers, contractors and subcontractors to secure payments through mechanic’s liens. We can help you navigate the technical and time-sensitive process to help secure your money.

Contact an Experienced Debt Collection Law Firm

When you have a lot at stake, don’t settle for just any debt collection attorney to protect your assets. You deserve excellence and expertise. Put our law firm’s aggressive, relentless, effective and ethical business debt collection techniques to work for you. Call (508) 620-6900, or email

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