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Spend your time making money and leave the bad debt collections to us

Unfortunately, many businesses have had to deal with outstanding debt from clients or customers who have either forgotten or refused to pay for services or materials. Sometimes your clients simply do not have the means to pay up. Regardless of the reason, outstanding debt can seriously affect your business and credit line. It’s money out of your pocket that you deserve.

If you currently have bad debt, leave it to us to collect the money owed to you so that you can spend your time focusing on more important matters like making money. Debt collection can be a time-consuming process, so it is better for business owners to hire professionals who deal with these situations all the time, instead of using their own resources to collect the debt.

Taking debt collection into your own hands can ultimately hurt your bottom line if you spend more time focusing on recovering the debt than it would take to hire experienced commercial debt collection attorneys. Rather than sifting through documents, contacting clients or customers and filing the necessary paperwork to hold them legally responsible in the court of law, you can keep up with your business, making sure your current customers are happy and satisfied. Focus on making money and leave the collection of overdue accounts to experienced commercial collection lawyers.

Unlike typical collection agencies, we don’t waste any time going after your receivables. We use aggressive tactics to ensure that you recover your debt in full, as soon as possible. If your business is in Boston, Springfield,  Worcester or throughout Massachusetts and has outstanding debt from clients or customers that have become unresponsive, don’t let any more time pass before you try to collect your bad debt.

Our strategy is to seek prejudgment attachments on your customer’s assets which may help you get paid when you win your case. We will pursue your case in court before a judge or jury and keep working for you until we either collect the debt or determine that no possible avenue exists to collect your debt. As we often work on a contingency basis, we work your case.

Commercial debt collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC are experienced in this area of the law and are knowledgeable about debt collection laws in the state of Massachusetts. Why stress about collecting your bad debt when you can have Attorney Alan M. Cohen and his team of legal professionals work to collect your bad debt for you. Regain control of your cash flows while letting the professionals fight this battle for you.

Call our office today at (508) 620 – 6900 so we can schedule your initial consultation and start working to get you your money!

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