Deadbeat Buster Newsflash — Ex Parte Attachment Leads to Collection Of 200K

A general contractor is doing its job properly and timely. As the final payments draw near, the property owner decides to draw the purse strings tight. It refuses to pay the GC the final $200,000.00 although only a few thousand dollars worth of work is in dispute. The owner rebuffed the GC’s many requests for payment of the undisputed amount and refused to sit down to attempt resolving the few remaining differences. 

What would you do? The GC called our firm.

We sued and obtained, ex parte, a $224,000.00 attachment of the deadbeat’s money. The owner realized that it wasn’t in his best interest to litigate over the few thousand dollars. Facing possible double or treble damages, he caved in. Within a little more than sixty days, our client, the GC, received its $200,000.00.

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