Reach and Apply Injunctions Help Collect Commercial Debt

Massachusetts reach and apply injunctions are a statutory tool unfound in many states. It allows a creditor to sue its debtor’s customer in order to receive the payment due to the debtor. In the following war story, Attorney Alan M. Cohen describes one of his creative uses of reach and apply injunctions to get his client paid.

Massachusetts  ……. Sometimes a customer just “disappears” owing a company money.  Give up? Hell no.

Company Y had this very problem. Collection “efforts” by its collection agency had reached a dead end. The collection agency brought in Attorney Cohen.

Upon research, Attorney Alan M. Cohen found that although the deadbeat owned no real estate, he was an officer in a corporation. Using the reach and apply injunction statute, Attorney Cohen sued to reach and apply the deadbeat’s interest in the corporation. He obtained a Temporary Injunction preventing the corporation from paying any money to the deadbeat until his client was paid. The debtor came to the table. Within 60 days, Attorney Cohen’s client was paid.

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