Experienced Attorney Collects Commercial Debt

A marketing company called  me to collect its commercial  debt from an out of state debtor. Relying on my customer’s forum select clause, I filed suit in Massachusetts.

Although the debtor acknowledged owing some monies, it disputed the rest of the commercial debt. My initial settlement negotiations with the debtor’s counsel lead to a token offer of settlement. I then sent the defendant requests for documents along with interrogatories (written questions) and requests for admissions to learn their position as to the debt.

Settlement negotiations continued, and as a result of my tactics, the defendant agreed to pay a substantially larger settlement amount.

Within a few months after being hired, I collected a disputed commercial debt.

When it comes to commercial litigation, whether you are collecting a debt or defending a claim, an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is essential to protecting your rights. There is a reason that other attorneys refer their clients to collect their debts or defend questionable claims to me, an attorney with over 30 years of commercial litigation experience.

Take the first step to protect yourself. Call Alan M. Cohen at 508 620-6900 or email alanmcohen@collections-law.com.

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