Business Debt Collection From All Angles – Success Story

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You perform your work properly and in a timely fashion for your customer, who is loving you. That is until you send in your bill for services and your loving customer becomes your estranged debtor. The customer stops corresponding and no longer responds to your calls and letters.

You could send your new found deadbeat to a collection agency or an attorney who writes letter after letter, just like you did. Or, you could decide that it is time for aggressive and effective business debt collection.

Deciding that they were not going to fool around, the land use engineer called us.

We promptly searched for the deadbeat’s assets and located a piece of real estate standing in the deadbeat’s name. We promptly filed suit and obtained an attachment on the deadbeat’s home.

Still no response from the deadbeat. With notice to the debtor we defaulted and the court assessed damages, which included interest and my very reasonable attorney fees. We then levied and suspended the execution (the operative document that you receive a court after you obtain final judgment) with the appropriate registry of deeds.

We then commenced supplementary process against the debtor. Supplementary process is a proceeding in which the court determines how much the debtor can afford to pay on a monthly basis. We learned that the debtor was driving on the side for Uber and Lyft.

Pursuant to Rule 69 which allows discovery and enforcement on an execution, we filed a motion with notice seeking to reach and apply all monies due from Uber and Lyft to the debtor. After notice to the debtor and the reach and apply entities, the Court allowed our proposed permanent injunction against the deadbeat and the money started to trickle in.

In an attempt to get out of his financial predicament, the debtor sold his home. Because we had a valid security agreement, my client recovered the full principal amount of the debt together with interest and almost all of its attorney fees.

Who loves ya baby?