Working Through Massachusetts’ Complicated Mechanic’s Lien

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You’re a materials supplier for a developer who built several houses. Suddenly your valued developer becomes a slow, then no paying deadbeat. You learn that your deadbeat’s proverbial ship has sunk and that its assets are substantially less than its liabilities. Fortunately you have written offers and acceptances forming a written contract thereby entitling you to file mechanic’s liens on most of the projects to which you provided building materials.

Knowing that the mechanic’s lien statute is complicated and unforgiving, you seek out an attorney well recognized and respective in the construction litigation community– Alan M. Cohen.

I immediately advised my client as to which properties we could lien and the material supplier immediately ordered title run downs. I then immediately prepared and had recorded several mechanics’s liens. As a result of my quick work, my client was able to recover slightly more than 50% of its lien-able debt which is 50% more than most other suppliers and contractors who did not contact an experienced Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien Attorney.

If you are looking for a debt collection lawyer experienced in working with the complicated Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien laws, call the attorney who tirelessly works to try to collect all of your bad debt, call Alan M. Cohen at 508 620 6900 or email us at

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