Attorney Alan M. Cohen Collects Commercial Debt when Tenants Stop Paying Rent

Your commercial tenant has stopped paying rent with only a few months left on the lease. Although you try to find out their intentions and collect your money, the tenant remains silent. You know that if you wait until the tenant vacates, you may not know where to find them.

Deciding enough was enough, the commercial landlord called an experienced and respective debt collection attorney–Alan M. Cohen.

After reviewing the file, I promptly filed suit seeking attachments on trustee process and on personal property– basically all of the debtor’s supplies, equipment, inventory, to name but a few.

After the court allowed my motions, I directed the sheriff to serve the attachments. As a result, the commercial tenant immediately found over 10K to pay to my client leaving around 9K outstanding which included interest, costs and attorney fees.

Although the commercial lease provided for attorneys fees, the provision could fairly be read to apply only to indemnification situations.

Using my experience obtained through over 32 years of experience, I collected for my client its entire principal, costs and almost all of the interest and attorneys fees.

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