Construction litigation

Mechanic’s Liens Help Collect Debt

A plumbing supplier’s customer slowly turns off the payment tap and morphs into a defiant deadbeat. Knowing going legal is the best solution for a clogged payment pipeline, the supplier calls me. The plumbing supplier does not have a formal written contract. Deadbeats usually think that without a written contract, creditors may not be able … Continue reading Mechanic’s Liens Help Collect Debt

Mechanic’s Lien Prompts Payment

A Mechanic’s Lien Can Prompt Payment A building material supplier’s customer started delaying payments. The building supplier called me. After reviewing the files, I determined that documents forming the basis of a written contract existed. This allowed my client to proceed with a Mechanic’s Lien. I promptly prepared and recorded a Notice of Contract and … Continue reading Mechanic’s Lien Prompts Payment

General Contractor Collects 200K

A general contractor is doing its job properly and timely. As the final payments draw near, the commercial property owner decides to draw the purse strings tight. It refuses to pay the General Contractor the final $200,000.00 although only a few thousand dollars worth of work is in dispute. The owner rebuffed the General Contractor’s … Continue reading General Contractor Collects 200K

Construction Litigation Attorney Collects Bad Debt

Sometimes even when you have done everything right, your customer “finds” a “reason” not to pay you. That happened to one of our clients when it delivered $42,000.00 of concrete to a job site. The customer admitted owing twenty grand. Yet, he refused to pay anything unless our client walked away from the remaining $22,000.00 … Continue reading Construction Litigation Attorney Collects Bad Debt