Mechanic’s Liens

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Working Through Massachusetts’ Complicated Mechanic’s Lien

You’re a materials supplier for a developer who built several houses. Suddenly your valued developer becomes a slow, then no paying deadbeat. You learn that your deadbeat’s proverbial ship has sunk and that its assets are substantially less than its liabilities. Fortunately you have written offers and acceptances forming a written contract thereby entitling you … Continue reading Working Through Massachusetts’ Complicated Mechanic’s Lien


Considering a Mechanics Lien? In Massachusetts, Call a Lawyer First.

In Massachusetts, the Mechanic’s Lien statute gives general contractors, sub-contractors, architects, and suppliers an avenue to receive payment by going directly after the property where the work was performed even though they did not have a contract directly with the property owner. While this statute provides added payment protection, it is an extremely detailed, complex, … Continue reading Considering a Mechanics Lien? In Massachusetts, Call a Lawyer First.

Mechanic’s Liens Help Collect Debt

A plumbing supplier’s customer slowly turns off the payment tap and morphs into a defiant deadbeat. Knowing going legal is the best solution for a clogged payment pipeline, the supplier calls me. The plumbing supplier does not have a formal written contract. Deadbeats usually think that without a written contract, creditors may not be able … Continue reading Mechanic’s Liens Help Collect Debt

Mechanic’s Lien Prompts Payment

A Mechanic’s Lien Can Prompt Payment A building material supplier’s customer started delaying payments. The building supplier called me. After reviewing the files, I determined that documents forming the basis of a written contract existed. This allowed my client to proceed with a Mechanic’s Lien. I promptly prepared and recorded a Notice of Contract and … Continue reading Mechanic’s Lien Prompts Payment

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Mechanic Lien + Attachment = Payment

Mechanic Liens and Attachment Motions Lead to Immediate Payment A plumbing supplier’s contractor customer slowly turned off the payment tap. Facing a defiant debtor, the supplier called me. My review of the file revealed that my client had sufficient written documents, including email correspondence, when viewed together formed a written contract. This was essential to allow me to … Continue reading Mechanic Lien + Attachment = Payment

Skilled Commercial Litigation Attorney

Skilled Commercial Litigation Attorney Collects Full Principal Due. A lumber yard sold building materials to one of its customers. Unfortunately, the customer developed deadbeatitis and failed to make payment. After repeatedly dunning the debtor, the lumber yard decided that it was time for an  effective commercial litigation attorney and called me. Researching the file I … Continue reading Skilled Commercial Litigation Attorney

Aggressive Commercial Debt Collection = KA-CHING !!

Aggressive Commercial Debt Collection Plus Properly Perfected Mechanic’ Liens Can Pay Off Barnstable … A building materials supplier sold drywall to a contractor who suddenly stopped paying. To save money, the supplier hired an online lien company to prepare and record its mechanic’s liens. When it came time to engage in aggressive commercial debt collection … Continue reading Aggressive Commercial Debt Collection = KA-CHING !!

Experienced Attorney Prepares Massachusetts Mechanic’s Liens

Perfecting a Mechanic’s Lien in Massachusetts Requires Attention to Detail           It is essential to properly perfect a Massachusetts mechanic’s lien that the Notice of Contract and Statement of Account identify the then correct property owner and correct book and page number of their deed. Failure to do so can result in a court rejecting … Continue reading Experienced Attorney Prepares Massachusetts Mechanic’s Liens