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The Art of Judgment Enforcement

You have obtained a judgment against a debtor — congratulations! But don’t get too excited yet, especially if you don’t have a great attorney to help with the next part. Obtaining a judgment is certainly a success, but it does not guarantee you any repayment.

To get the money you are owed, you will have to enforce the judgment and enforce it with skill. That is where help from a skilled attorney is helpful.

What Happens Next?

When you obtain a judgment, you are simply given a document that indicates that you are owed money, and how much you are owed. Your debtor may refuse to pay up, go into hiding, or hide their assets and claim that they cannot pay you even though they want to.

Whether they fail to pay, or refuse to pay, you’re stuck in the position of having an unenforced judgment.

Artfully Enforcing a Judgment

An experienced attorney like Alan M. Cohen turns judgment enforcement into an art form. With extensive investigation, using post-judgment discovery or supplementary process after the judgment, you’ll get a clear picture of exactly what your debtor has for assets.

With that information, there is nowhere to hide. Attorney Cohen uses all available legal tools in an aggressive and effective manner, attaching any available assets to be used for repayment. Whether seizing real estate and selling it, placing liens on property, garnishing wages, or obtaining and enforcing a payment order, there are many ways Attorney Cohen can get you your owed money. He will explore all of them until your judgment is enforced in full.

Get Good Help from the Start

If you’re stuck in the situation of having what seems to be an unenforceable judgment in hand, don’t despair. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we have successfully litigated a lot of situations that seemed impossible at first glance!

Of course, it’s always better to have a strong strategy for judgment enforcement from the start. If you know you are going up against a debtor and want to ensure your best chances for success, get in touch with us right away so we can get things running smoothly from the very beginning.

Call the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen  LLC at (508) 620-6900, or email us at We’re happy to tell you more about our effective judgment enforcement.

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