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The Benefits of a Commercial Litigation Attorney vs. A General Law Firm

When faced with a debt collection issue, it is critical to hire the right legal representation in order to collect what is rightly owed. Many lawyers (both large firms and small firms ) claim to handle debt collection, but many times fall short on bringing home the bacon due to lack of experience, case priority, or simply because debt collection is not a specialty in their firm. Collecting debt is an extremely time-sensitive issue, and in order to protect your financial interests, your best bet is to hire a commercial litigation attorney who specializes in debt collection. Here are a few reasons why….

Immediately File a Lawsuit: Upon being hired, most general law firms attempt to contact debtors by sending letters or making phone calls. An experienced debt collection attorney knows this approach rarely works and instead, will immediately file a lawsuit to pursue debtor’s bank accounts and income stream. By doing so, debtors have less time to hide assets.

Take a Pro-Active Approach to Debt Collecting: Debt collection attorneys will advise businesses on how to avoid collecting issues by reviewing credit applications, commercial contracts and other contracts – all to protect to their client’s financial interests before a problem begins.

Domesticate Foreign Judgements: Many general law firms put out of state cases on the backburner. Experienced debt collection attorneys have the know-how to domesticate foreign judgements which allows businesses to collect from debtors or assets located out of state.

Relentless Approach to Collecting Debt: When collecting debt is what you do, you know that only a relentless and aggressive approach will do. Commercial litigation attorneys who know the tricks of the trade can put that knowledge to work in order to collect what is rightly owed to their clients.

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