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The Importance of an Experienced Collections Lawyer After COVID-19

We are monitoring the status of the COVID-19 situation within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. While only data will determine when the state can be reopened — including the courts and non-essential businesses — we are hoping that it comes sooner rather than later. 

When the time comes to return to normalcy, you should be prepared to return to business as usual, including collecting any outstanding debt you may currently be owed. Navigating this with the help of an experienced collection attorney is critical, and the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can provide you with just that.

The processes our aggressive collections attorneys  use to pursue your outstanding receivables works; the results speak for themselves. Our firm has resulted in countless clients getting paid in cases that otherwise would have been nearly impossible to resolve. An example of this comes from Mass-Conn Equipment, Inc., Eastern Equipment Sales, Inc., and Crest Tractor. This local company turned to us after seeing minimal progress with a collections agency and were able to receive their monies without alienating their client. The following video provides more information on their story and how the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC helped them get paid.

Immediate Action Leads to Better Results

Something that we have stressed in every case we have been involved in is that time is of the essence when pursuing aggressive debt collections. The sooner you act in regards to your delinquent debts — especially when it comes to cases with mechanic’s liens and other time-sensitive collections — the better chance you have of securing monies that you are owed. 

Once the pandemic ends and courts open back up, people will begin filing suit right away.  We have been trying to stay ahead of the curve by filing cases now so when the courts start to process new filings, our client’s collections actions will hopefully be at or close to the top of the list. Of course, even the best collections attorney cannot control when the courts will process a complaint, but by staying proactive we improve our clients’ position and ability to stay ahead of their competition. To stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your case is heard in a timely fashion, the experienced and aggressive debt collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC encourage you to gather all the necessary documentation and prepare to bring your case to court as soon as we begin a return to normalcy. 

Teaming Up With Experienced Attorneys

With a combined over 45 years of experience with commercial debt collections, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC utilizes a series of collection tactics that are aggressive, relentless, ethical, and effective when it comes to delinquent collections. However, it is one thing just to know about these collection methods; it is another to know when and how to apply them.  Our relentless collections attorneys know which tools to use and when and how to collect them and are effective in collecting bad debt as indicated by our clients’ testimonials for each case.

Some of the aggressive and effective methods that we use, but are not limited to, include:

  • Ex Parte Bank Attachments — With information about your debtor’s last known bank account our commercial collections attorneys request that the court allow our trustee attachment motions to attach all non-exempt monies without giving prior notice to your debtor. Prejudgment this allows you to obtain prejudgment security while your case is ongoing. When we win your case, collecting the judgment may be made easier if monies were previously frozen by way of an ex parte bank or trustee attachment. The ex parte bank attachment is also a powerful tool our collections lawyers use to collect post judgment.
  • Reach and Apply Injunctions — This injunction is effective when discovering that your debtor has its own debtor. In such a scenario, your debtor can be cut out of the equation, and your debtor’s debtor will pay you directly. Our collections attorneys search for potential debtors of your debtor so that we can get our clients paid directly.
  • Real Estate Attachments — Just as we pursue attaching your debtor’s bank accounts, we also seek to attach or put a lien on your debtor’s real estate or interest in real estate. The first is through a regular real estate attachment motion. The second is through what is called a special attachment motion. These motions are sought  with and/or without notice to the debtor, depending on the circumstances. Our collections lawyers are always seeking avenues to get our clients paid as fast as possible.
  • Rule 65 Injunction — There may be cases when a deadbeat debtor tries to hide their assets as means of avoiding their payment. With a Rule 65 injunction, this type of move becomes nearly impossible.

In addition to the attachments that we use whilst fighting to get you paid, we may also implement other collection methods that will not only get your debtor’s undivided attention but force them to pay up in a timely manner. Some of these include post judgment wage garnishments, post-judgment discovery, and supplementary process — a supplementary action that can result in a warrant for your debtor’s arrest in the event that they do not appear in court in disregard of the court’s summons and order..

Furthermore, our experience spans far beyond simple B2B collections. When choosing the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, you are choosing a collections lawyer who is also well versed in domesticating foreign judgments for clients located outside Massachusetts jurisdiction. We also focus in mechanic’s liens — a time-sensitive action that can help building material suppliers, architects, design professionals and/or contractors receive payment for their materials and services. Our years of addressing these cases make us a collections law firm that you can count on to help you get paid.

Contact the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC Today

As with other Massachusetts businesses, we are eagerly anticipating the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and extend our best thoughts to those affected. When this unprecedented period of time draws to a close, however, we cannot stress enough the importance of striking while the iron is hot to collect on your delinquent debts. To ensure that your case can be heard once the Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is back at its full capacity, contact the experienced debt collection attorneys at Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC today. Dial (508) 620-6900 or send an email to

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